Who Was In The Car?

Saturday night I didn’t sleep well. I woke up at 3am and just couldn’t fall asleep anymore. Not because I started thinking and over-thinking but just because I wasn’t tired anymore. Does that happen to you too sometimes?

While I was lying there, trying to fall asleep again or just to relax I started listening to what was going on outside. At this time of the night there is usually not much happening in our neighborhood. Every now and then, though, I could hear a car. And I started wondering who would be driving that car and why.

Maybe it was a young couple on their way home from partying (hopefully the driver didn’t drink…), chatting away, talking about their friends and the fantastic time they all just had.

Maybe it was a young guy on his way home from going out. Heartbroken because the girl he liked didn’t pay attention to him, or at least not the kind of attention he would have loved to get.

Maybe it was a young woman on her way home, heartbroken because she caught the man she loves with someone else.

Maybe it was a group of criminals on their way to a break in.

Maybe it was a security guard on his way home from his shift.

Maybe it was a traveler who just got picked up by a cap from the airport.

Or the couple on the way to hospital to give birth to the first child…

So many different things that could go on while you are in bed. So many different stories to be told, to be heard, to be written.Β  One car and yet all those different options and I’m far from covering them all. So many different things that go on at any given time.

I wonder: Who do you think was driving around at 3am on a Sunday morning?

27 thoughts on “Who Was In The Car?

  1. Haha… my daughter sent me this could meme via Whatsapp once which says: “Three of four voices in my head want to sleep. The fourth is pondering whether penguins have knees!” πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. Luckily for us, we don’t hear the traffic down here. However, Ducks are another matter as they can make quite a din and have no watches to tell the time by. The bird song that usually greets us first thing is lovely though.
    In Lincolnshire, we would have boom boxes, HGVs, and council refuse trucks in the early hours, and it was pointless having a window open on stuffy nights because it was just too noisy. Add in the typhoon Eurofighters going through their paces at 8am (on the dot, didn’t need an alarm) February through to the beginning of April for forthcoming displays, we got to tell which pilot was doing what!

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  3. This is a fun game to play. DW and I play this game when we travel. How did the person sitting next to us come to be the one to sit next to us. What’s their story and what will happen after we go our separate way. The imagination is boundless. At 3 am on Sunday it’s probably just some kid who snuck out of the house with mom and dad’s car keys, but that story isn’t nearly as exciting πŸ™‚

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  4. The minister, having not yet finished his sermon, due to too much wine at dinner and a complete lack of inspiration, woke from his restless sleep at 2:15 am, in a fit of self-reproval and writer’s block. He rose, showered, splashed on his favorite cologne, and tiptoed out to the garage. Wishing he’d bought that Prius before his recent marriage, he released the parking brake and rolled the car silently down the drive. When he got to the street, he started the engine with a moderate roar, and took off perhaps too quickly and too loudly for his favorite highway rest stop where he hoped inspiration would strike once more, as it had so many times before. He had the keepsakes to prove it.

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  5. Maybe it was someone like me. I was an acute dialysis nurse taking call for emergencies. It was common for me to be called in between 2-3 to do an emergent treatment if the patient would have died before morning. As I rushed to the hospital, I rarely saw anyone except those leaving bars and big trucks. I always felt bad knowing I wouldn’t be there to get my little guys ready for their day when morning came. Maybe it was someone like me.

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