Chance Or Meant To Be?

Do you think things happen by chance? Or do you believe that everything is meant to be? I often think about it. I often question if everything is meant to be, especially when times are rough. But then I have experienced more than once how things develop “out of the blue”, how the puzzle pieces suddenly fall into place.

My Dad often told us the story how his career came to be. He always mentioned that he met those people by chance and that he was “at the right place at the right time meeting the right people by chance”. How could you not call it that knowing his story. But when you think about it, life offers you those chances for a reason. You will get to those points for a reason. You will have these encounters for a reason.

I believe that you end up in situations for a reason. That the situation itself will offer you something and that in that moment it will be up to you to do something with it. You either take the chances or you leave them behind for someone else to be picked up. If you do then maybe the time was just not right.

I will not go into my Dad’s story here. I will eventually write it down but I simply can’t right now. It’s an incredibly inspiring story, that much I can tell you. The story I will mention to you though, is the one of my husband and me. When we met we thought it was love at first sight, we thought that this chance encounter was THE special one. And then we realized that we have met before. Just about a year prior. We were introduced to each other but we did not connect then. The time was not right! Our chance encounter was not really a chance encounter I believe. It was meant to be, meant to happen. And the time needed to be right for it.

I think that we often pass chances because we are not ready yet to see them. When we are the time is right and it’s meant to happen. What might seem like a chance encounter is actually the result of us having evolved to a point where we are ready to deal with it the right way. Does that make sense?

There are moments in our life when we think a chance has just passed. When we think we just let something or someone slip through the fingers. And it can be extremely frustrating. So frustrating that it can slow us down, maybe even stop for a while. It’s hard to start or keep going if you feel that sort of frustration. It almost eats you up. In those moments I find it important that we look at the bigger picture and realize that this so called missed chance is only another step for us to get where we really belong. Maybe the well needed boost to put in the extra effort.

Everything and everyone enters your life for a reason. You might not see that reason in the first place but eventually it will all make sense.

Inspired by the Daily Post Discover Challenge – Chance Encounter

23 thoughts on “Chance Or Meant To Be?

  1. I’m a believer. I could write/have written so much about my own life that illustrates your point. One early example. I came out of college with great credentials, moved 2000 miles from home, could not land a teaching job. I pursued other employment, that led to far more lucrative jobs in the future. Had I gotten full time teaching, I would have never left. Or would I ???? Great post, Sandra. Always a thought-provoker, you. ☺

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  2. I agree, Sandra! I believe that things happen for a reason and that whatever happens is meant to happen or not meant to happen at that time. It simply is not a coincidence. I also believe that we cannot see things also we “see” them as long as we are not ready for them. Like the story of you and your husband. When the time is right the things which are already waiting will happen. I believe this all clearly!

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  3. Are you familiar with the book β€œThe Celestine Prophecy?” The story is a metaphor – its biggest takeaway (for me), being that ‘chance encounters’ are a cornucopia of possibility that should be realized. Thanks for sharing your post.

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  5. Great post. I’ve always believed this and I can look back and see how things have worked out for me, especially out of the hard times. This year has been quite a tough one and I’m struggling a bit right now so this post is just what I need to read to help me to keep my faith. Thank you.

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