Share Your Beautiful Love Story

It’s been a while since I was able to post the beautiful love story of one of my followers. In the meantime some more amazing bloggers joined my followers and I figured I put it out there once again: Tell me your story!

Are you in a wonderful relationship? How did you meet? Please tell me your story. Others have done it before and it’s so amazing to read about how people find each other.

If you are happy to tell me your story I will feature it in ‘CouplesCouples‘. Your story will become part of a series of amazing love stories (see here). And if you’d like to read about how I met my husband, soulmate, love of my life, best friend and best father ever, you can find my story here.

Please don’t be shy. Put another smile on my face and simply email your story to me ( You can also add pictures, if you like.

3 thoughts on “Share Your Beautiful Love Story

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