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Wow, it seems like I’ve earned respect from one of my favorite bloggers out there, Rob Goldstein. Rob came up with the Respect Award in October 2015 and hands it out twice a year to bloggers he considers worthy of it. As this award has not rules it really is all about being a token of appreciation and I truly admire that. I feel honored to be part of a list of great bloggers put together by Rob since April.

See, this is what I love in the blogosphere. It’s the appreciation you get, the connections you make the impact you can have, the things you can take out of other people’s posts. The fantastic thing is that you connect with people you would have never met otherwise. And those people reach you. They inspire you, they motivate you, the teach you things, their stories touch you. You get a pat on the shoulder by someone you have never met for something you write about and that might not even feel big to you but it might be big for someone else.

There are so many of you bloggers out there that have a massive background story. People who went to hell and back in their life already. People who put themselves and their story out there in order to support others. I admire you all! You are strong! You all deserve my deepest respect.

Rob already mentioned a couple of bloggers that I would pass this award on to myself. Bloggers like Ritu, Erika Kind, Jason actually so many of them. Here are some more I’d like to mention:

Me – Who am I?


Just Plain Ol’ Vic

My list is short. That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect everyone else not on this list. It simply means that I could only think of the bloggers mentioned above at this very moment. I will take the liberty to post again about the Respect Award and add more bloggers to the list over the next couple of weeks.




10 thoughts on “Respect

  1. What a fabulous award! You deserve it. Like you, I have been inspired and touched by so many people and their stories here. It’s neat finding others who have lived through similar experiences and look at life in much of the same we do. It is equally as wonderful (and needful) to find others who have lived quite differently, because there is so much we can learn from them. I’ve gained many new perspectives since I began blogging and I’ll be forever grateful for that. Thank you SO much for adding me to your list. I am truly honored!

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