My Picks Of The Week #21

I realized once more how many fantastic bloggers are putting their work up week after week. Here are only a couple of them, posts I enjoyed reading a lot this last week. Please pay them a visit and brows around a little bit too while you’re there. Have a very happy weekend you all πŸ™‚

Constantly had the U2 song “With Or Without You” in my mind while reading…

Better Because Of You
First of all what a fantastic idea to point out the better because of… thing. And this post really touched me…

Miracles! Your Center For Well-Being Inc.
Are people really better than…?

See, There’s A Thing Called Biology…
Fantastic read as always about husbands being men and not better women and a one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a husband… Maybe also head to the post mentioned in this one to read the original story and then go from there but please also consider that he obviously learned his lesson (one would hope…)

Erika Kind
Some good thoughts about children and school and learning… oh and the pressure they have to handle…

But I Smile Anyway
And this is the post that inspired Erika for her post. A good read!

A Cooking Pot And Twisted Tales
Very motivational indeed…

The Daddy Blitz
Yup, great advice… relax, new parents (we all know it’s not that easy but sshhh…)….

A fantastic blog that you should check out! German but also English posts. Lots to ponder about…

Inside The Life Of Moi
Hey, we all struggle and nobody is as perfect as he or she seems…

Bare Naked In Public
All about letting go… and the struggle with it… also: Another Blog that I like to nominate for the Respect Award!

Boston City Moms Blog
Fantastic post about not forcing your kids to hug people they don’t want to hug…

Ned’s Blog
What can I say… some leave way too early…



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