Your Stories – The Day We Met! By Ladyleemanila

Nothing better than a great love story, don’t you think so too? Thank you so much, Ladyleemanila, for sharing the story of how you and your husband met. It’s so beautiful to read it. Now, if you have a nice love story to share as well, please email it to me ( so I can put it on the blog and link back to your blog.


Many moons ago…

The Praktikum. I was accepted to have an apprenticeship with BASF Chemical Company, in Ludwigshafen, Germany. It’s the largest production site worldwide and the company’s global headquarters and research centre. I spoke no German, but then, I’ve survived in France and Switzerland without French, so why not? I’m convinced I’ll get by and will learn the language when I’m there. I was allocated in the Inorganic Department, producing and analysing some dyes. Herr (Mister) Raider provided me a name who was also working in the same building, but in a different laboratory. “He’ll help you get sorted,” he said. Hence, first thing in the morning, I knocked on Room 602 and a tall English man opened it, some parts of his white shirt still untucked from his trousers. “I am, indeed.” was his answer to my question and that hooked me! “Such an accent,” I thought. He helped me obtain my lab gown and safety goggles that morning and waited for me for lunch every day. “There’s your English man again,” my Laborant (laboratory technician) would say.

That English man is Him Indoors…and we got married two years after we first met….and we’re celebrating our 30 years anniversary this year!

White shirt still untucked
“I am, indeed,” he answered
that’s my English man


once upon a time
Lady Lee and Him Indoors
met in a chem lab
action and reaction
they melted together
HRH the son
came after seven years
and they live happily in Bavaria

Him Indoors – he’s my driving force
that makes me wake up in the morning
and do whatever I have to do
he is the love of my life
my inspiration, my motivator
my reason to be here, doing whatever
my “happy place” where I’m secured
and cosy and cuddly and fun
the rest are extras

 (c) ladyleemanila 2016

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