Don’t Wait

It’s hard to lose someone. It’s hard to lose a friend. Even if you have not seen your friend for years. Even if you have only talked to your friend every now and then because it is enough and you are good enough friends to just continue from where you left it. You always think that there’s enough time. You can chat whenever you feel like it. I just finished reading Ned’s Blog about his friend who passed away and it touched me so deeply. in a way this post will be a repetition of another one I wrote.

It’s not even a year since we got the call. The call that informed us that one of our friends has passed away. Way too early. He was such a sunshine person. So much laughter when you were around him. A feel good person, you know. Countless moments spent just laughing. I remember when he called us because he found out that his then wife had cheated on him. I remember his voice so unfamiliar serious. I asked him then what was wrong because I knew something bad had happened. I remember how he said that it was about his wife and me thinking she had an accident. She “only” cheated… It broke his heart. Fast forward months and months, he found his true love, the wife who would become the mother of his son. We were already in Australia.

We chatted every now and then but hey, there’s time, you know. You always think there’s time…

I remember the call last August, when his ex-wife called me. I remember her voice so unfamiliar serious. And I asked her what was the matter, thinking something had happened to her now husband or one of her kids. Funny, hey, our friend and his ex-wife were never able to have kids together but they had kids after they divorced with their new partners… Sometimes things are just not meant to be…

Anyway. I remember her saying that it is about her ex-husband and I knew. I knew something had happened to him. I knew it when she called me. She never called before since they’d separated.

We all thought that he got better. We all thought that he had kicked cancers butt. It was the last thing he actually told us when we talked to him. He told us that he was all good again. It did not even last 6 months. He did not tell anyone. Maybe his wife knew. But he didn’t tell his friends. He was told that cancer was back only a month before he passed away.

Some people enter your life, bring light and warmth and then they leave again, sometimes too fast, always too soon… It shows that we can’t take anything for granted. Nobody will be there forever and although we believe that there’s always time, sometimes time runs out pretty darn quick.

Don’t wait. Don’t wait to tell people what they mean to you. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to arrive, make every moment your personal perfect moment. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity, create it. Don’t hold back, live! Don’t safe something for the one special moment, the special moment might be right now. Live life now, hug and kiss now, tell people how much they mean to you now…

16 thoughts on “Don’t Wait

  1. I finished reading this post with tears in my eyes. Because it’s so true. And so many of us go through life with blinkers on, always waiting and putting things off. No regrets. That’s how we need to live our lives. Today. And with no regrets. Beautiful post. xo

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  2. A friend of ours died 3 years ago. He got a rare form of leukemia. He was always smiling, even until the end. It’s hard to lose people. I just hold on to the fact that we will meet again. I am thankful for the blessing they were to me while they were here. And I hope I am that to someone else. Thank you for sharing.


  3. There’s a song that Girl Scouts in the USA sing that has the lines
    “Make new friends, but keep the old
    One is silver and the other’s gold.”
    I have come to appreciate this thought more and more as I’ve aged, with a thought similar to what you’ve expressed here, that you never know when you’ll “lose” them, lose the opportunity to show or tell them how much they have meant to you. As my memories of shared experiences blur over time, I have reached out to them to remind me of many of the details that I have forgotten. If/when they do the same to/for me, those are signs of how we still value each other, even if we haven’t communicated as often as we “should.”

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    • I think that with true friends, the one that truly are gold, you can go forever without being in touch and when you talk again it’s as if you would have seen them yesterday. The connection is there, you know. Sometimes there are no words needed, no up-keeping in that sense necessary.


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