Blast From The Past – Just A Dreamer

Funny how sometimes things just come together. I’m watching the Australian version of Masterchef at the moment and while Nigella Lawson is one of the guest judges at the moment, Marco Pierre White makes a regular appearance over the last couple of years. It was in one of those episodes of the cooking show that he made this one remark about being a dreamer. It was one of the best quotes I’ve heard. As one of my posts about dreaming (I call it my pipe-dream post, but shhhh…) was also just picked to be highlighted on another blog I figured it would be a great opportunity for a little Blast From The Past.

If you have dreams, you have the responsibility to make them come true. Otherwise you’re just a dreamer. – Marco Pierre White

I really like this although I think it’s a good thing to be a dreamer. To be a dreamer who puts everything into making the dream(s) come true though is who you want to be. It should be natural, in a way, to do that. To aim for those stars, to try to make the “impossible” possible, to reach higher and not to settle for second or third best.

Work on your dreams, try to make them happen, try to make them real. I believe if you try to make your dream come true, you will have an amazing journey too. It’s not only about the arrival, it’s about the journey too.



Also inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Dream


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