Really, It’s None Of Your Business…

Oh, I’m so tempted to start this post with “here’s the thing…” but I will not. So let’s make this intro short.

Yesterday I received an email of a dear friend of ours. This is what he wrote:

“Today, on Tuesday the 24th of May 2016, the Rainbow flag will be flying high and proud on Victoria’s Parliament house as the Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, makes his apology to the homosexual community for the persecutions of homosexuals by successive governments in Victoria in the past. The worse of these persecutions happened under the regime of Sir. Henry Bolte and sir Arthur Rylah in the 60st and early 70st. The police at the time were given powers to do whatever they liked and they used their powers in the most brutal ways I and many of my friends lived through those dreadful times and managed to survive while many did not. The suicide rate amongst homosexuals at that time was enormous and it was all done with the blessing of the Catholic Church, it was only when Mr. Dick Hamer became Premier that things started to change for the better. He was the one who decriminalized homosexuality finally.
Today will be for homosexuals a long awaited recognition of the reality of the persecutions we had to go through for many years. We, Mr. Andrews, thank you for having the courage and the conviction to go trough with it.”
Men get married to men, women to women. People change their gender with the help of surgery and hormones. There’s ink on skin, piercings in every bit of people’s bodies. Over are the times when a little colored hair caused a near meltdown.

Yes, meltdowns, dramas were caused by colored hair, tattoos, piercings and probably still are. As much as there is still drama caused by gay marriage or transgender people.

And I wonder what the drama is really all about.

Marriage is all about love or at least should be all about love. Now while a long time ago marriage between people of different color skin was an issue (and still is in certain countries) we now “only” have to deal with the “issue” of same sex people wanting to get legally married. As silly as it sounds for me that black should not be able to get married to white, as silly it sounds to me that men should not be able to get married to men or women to women. Sometimes it seems like we think we evolve but in the end have the same stupid issues just slightly shifted into another direction.

Same with someone who is truly not happy in his or her body. We have Caitlyn Jenner’s example, who really put the entire issue out there, brought it into the media and into the bright spotlight. You might argue there are claims that she wants to be turned back into a he. You know what: So what? If she or he or he or she wants to go through the entire transition again and maybe again again, then so be it. No harm done but to her or himself and his or her body if at all. Nothing we have to deal with, right? Unless we keep watching and digging…

Same with tattoos and piercings, colored hair or a style to dress.

It all comes down to one thing: Do those people do harm to you or your family? Does it really affects you? And now don’t claim it hurts looking at them! Close your eyes, turn around, switch of the TV and so on. I think people should be left alone as long as they not harm you.

A transgender person does not harm you.

Gay marriage does not harm you.

A tattoo on someone else’s skin does not harm you.

Piercing of someone else’s body part does usually not harm you unless you come too close…

There are many sick people out there as we all know. Are most of them gay? Are most of them transgender? Are most of them tattooed? Pierced? Black? White? Asian? Men? Women? Old? Young? Educated? Uneducated? Rich? Poor? Tall? Short? Overweight? Underweight? Fast? Slow?

No! If there would be a clear group of people who turn evil I guess we would have taken care of it by now. But there is no one shoe fits all… Not even the bad shoe that supposedly fit only a certain group… Pedophiles, rapists, murderers they are coming from every kind of group.

There’s a thing called privacy, you know. Private decisions that are made and that are none of our business. It’s like our bedroom really. Nobody else should know what goes on in there. If it’s rough, it’s rough but it’s rough between two adult people who agree on it. If it’s vanilla it’s vanilla and it’s nobody’s business either. If I decide to marry a men twice my age, so be it. If I decide to marry a man half my age so be it. If it’s not between two people that are old enough and agree on whatever is done in there, then it’s wrong. No matter if those two are two men, two women, a man and a woman.

We are all on the outside. We all only watch and judge. We are not involved. The door does not close behind our backs. Not only are we not in the transgender person’s shoes but we are not even in his or her family’s or partner’s shoe. Those are the people who should be allowed to talk about their feelings.

What it all comes down is on how people treat each other. If they are good people, who go through life with the right values and respect for everyone else as much as for themselves it’s really all that matters. Because then you will have people around you, who support you, who are friends, who look after the community, who build a society up and not tear it down. Those are the people you want to live amongst. Who they get married to, what gender they are, how much ink they carry: It’s none of our business really.


36 thoughts on “Really, It’s None Of Your Business…

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Since all of the debates over transgenders and bathrooms have filled news hours, I’ve tried to get my mind around what drives someone to believe that he/she belongs to or should have been the opposite sex. I just can’t. So instead, I remind myself that that particular struggle is for someone else to battle through, and as far as I am concerned I can do my best by removing the hurdles that would make that battle even harder, like judgement and ignorance. I’m writing a post right now on this very subject, but with a particular emphasis on the parents who are raising transgender children and adolescents (it’s taking a lot of research, so it might be a week or two…)

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  2. I opened up my computer today to finish a post that is very similar to this one.. Love this. Its nice to know that there are other people in the world who are like minded and share the likeness of being open minded.

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  4. Couldn’t agree more! I never understood this craziness about gay wedding. Hence the importance of teaching love, tolerance and respect to our children at their youngest age so they grow up with an open heart and mind ❤

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  5. Perhaps science should find a way to have us all born genderless with the appropriate parts being surgically added after the age of reason and decision making has been reached.

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    • Thanks for sharing the post. I have it open to read on my screen as I saw it when I visited before (coming over from The Playground…). About to read it now.


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