No More Craig?

Seems like Daniel Craig turned down an amazing amount of money, an offer that was probably introduced with being too good to turn down. The offer was something over $100 million for two more Bond movies. I’m pretty sure a lot of people had to read this twice and probably wondered how you could possibly turn down such an offer.

At least the hosts of a radio show I listened to yesterday did.

Actually they did not only wonder how you could do such a thing, they actually slaughtered him for doing so. The longer I listened to their stupid reasoning the more I got upset. How can you? How can you possibly talk like this about someone you don’t know? Even if this person is a celebrity and especially if you are in a position in which you can influence other people’s thinking?

Let me tell you that I usually not listen to this show. I learned a while ago that the hosts and their very limited points of view and way to express themselves annoys me way to much to even try to understand where they are coming from. I got stuck on the channel by coincidence, not realizing what channel I was on while trying to find decent music. And they played a song I really like, so there you go… And then they mentioned Craig and I listened. I listened and as I said, it made me angry.

Now this is what my thoughts are:

There are people out there earning amounts of money we don’t even dare dreaming of. Not going to judge if they deserve it or not. It’s not up to me and honestly all of us would accept a certain amount for whatever we do if the amount is high enough, right? You would never say that what you do is not worth that amount of money if you would be offered it…

So, Craig turned it down. He turned down a massive amount of money but also being part of the next two Bond movies. Seems like kissing beautiful women, shooting bad people, driving cool cars and traveling to amazing places doesn’t cut it any longer. That means we have to get used to the fact that he is no longer Bond. A new face will take over and that will be it. We’ve seen it before and although I truly think Craig incorporated the figure of 007 the best so far, I’m positive that we will be offered a good alternative to Daniel Craig. Now let’s just give him credit for some really good 007 acting and just leave it with that. Bond will continue to seduce pretty women, shoot villains, use fun gadgets and crash cars, only will he look different.

Craig will move on. It’s his right to turn down this offer and draw a line under his adventure of being Bond. He most certainly will play another role. Maybe he even just stops and lives life. Why no enjoying the money he’s made for a little bit?

Being Bond does not come easy. Craig had to work hard on his fitness. Yes, he got paid a fortune and yes he probably lived healthier because of having to be on top of his game for this role. All things they brought up in the radio show. It was even said that he might have laid women he would have not gotten close to if it would not have been for his role of being Bond. What a stupid thing to point out… To be honest, the entire chat screamed “jealousy” to me.

Back to Craig: Sometimes you can get tired of whatever we consider so amazing in celebrities lives. Maybe he just wants to eat sugar and dairy and fatty stuff and gain weight like crazy, lose all muscles and look… let’s say less attractive. Maybe he is sick of all the superficial women who throw themselves at him just because he is a famous actor. Maybe he is tired of all the superficial people in his life, fake friends and people kissing his rear end just so they can be seen with him. Maybe he is just tired of being in the spot light at all times. Maybe he thinks it’s time to find something more. He’s probably not the only one.

If I remember correctly Jerry Seinfeld turned down an equal high amount of money for filming another season of “Seinfeld”. While some people in high paid positions would argue that they simply need more time for their families.

Seinfeld back then said, that he has no wife, no kids, no life. He then added that it’s time for him now to go out there and find all of this…

Sad thing to say, right?

And here is the thing: I believe celebrities should have a life. Away from all the lenses and headlines. They should decide on whether they want to continue with a role or not. They should decide on whether they want to push their bodies to a limit (and over) in order to fit in with the role. The keywords are “they” and “decide”. Their life! Their way of living it. Their way of earning their money and their way of spending it.

How can we not realize what price they pay? Even if they can buy everything they possibly dream of and are still left with a huge sum left, their freedom is gone. Their lives is no longer only theirs, privacy does not exist any longer. Pretend celebrities like the above mentioned radio hosts pick on them for decisions that are not ours to take. They pick on them for everything they do. They pick on them for the way they look, dress, for what they eat and the people they date.

As hard as it might seem, Daniel Craig might just like to do something entirely different. And even if he returns in a Bond-like role it’s just none of our business. Maybe he just wants to spend time with his friends and family away from the lenses. I wonder why this is so hard to imagine…

10 thoughts on “No More Craig?

  1. I sounds like there was a lot of jealousy or more like it they had nothing better to talk about. It is a shame really how some celebrities are treated. I get it, they’re famous and have money most of us will never know but they are human too. They have emotions too…and we wonder why some actors and actresses die before their time? It really surprises me how many do make it.

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  2. Personally, Sean Connery was my favorite Bond. I get it, from Craig’s point of view. How much money is enough? At some point, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of ones labor. I know I would.

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  3. As with much of life, the amount of money one has is relative. The basic function of money is to give us the ability control all aspects of our environment. When (or if) you reach the point where you do not have to stop to consider whether any expenditure is possible then further acquisition of money has to be deviation from its basic purpose. I’m reminded of a lottery winner story out of Florida, a few years back. It seems a pair of brothers were in a convenience store. One was an avid lotto player, the other never had played. The player badgered his brother into buying a single ticket, the ticket won 41 million. The winner gave the ticket to his brother saying, this is important to you, what’s important to me is that my life stay just as it is because I am a happy person. This money would change all that.

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      • The cynic in me would say that the generous brother acted in the knowledge that any future need he might have would be gladly filled by the now wealthy sib. If that be the case then he is in the better position, having no money management worries but access should a need arise.

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