Feel The Connection?

I wonder if you sometimes feel that connection to nature too? It’s something that I often struggle to describe as I think some people just don’t get what I mean. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a connection to nature any longer. Maybe it’s just because they experience it so very differently.

When I’m out there, not matter if it’s in a small park in the middle of the city, that might not feel like much of nature to most, or on a beach or hike, everything kind of reaches me. I feel the sun on my skin and feel how it warms me up through and through. Or the drops of rain, how they touch my skin, the sound they make when they touch the ground. It’s the wind that plays with the hair or “touches” your skin.

It’s the wind that mostly gets to me. For those of you who have read my posts on a regular base it’s nothing new. When I’m out there in nature and the wind plays with my hair or just gently caresses my face, I feel it plays with me. I’m not sure if it was my Dad at one point who told me that the wind always tells a story or if I came up with it as a child. It just feels like it could have been one of my Dad’s beautiful stories about nature and the way he sees it. He was the one who taught me to feel it. To feel the warmth of the sun, the chill of the snow, the crisp of fresh air, the touch of the wind. He was the one who told me to smell the air, the different smells of the season, of dry soil, wet soil, cold or hot soil. He was the one who taught me how to connect.

I always believed that the wind can tell you a story about his travels around the globe. While up until recently I felt like it connected me with the world and with people who were far away, I now think the wind also carries a new special gift for me.

A hug from my Dad, who has passed away only recently.

Yesterday I struggled. I struggled with some emotions and I just had to leave the house and go to the beach. Walking along the beach, listening to the waves and feeling the soft wind on my skin made me calm down immediately. I felt like my Dad hugged me. I think I needed that hug. Not just because of the pressure I felt yesterday. I needed it because up until now I have not cried truly. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s okay to not cry. Sometimes I almost feel guilty. I feel like I have to grief. With tears, with meltdowns. But I don’t. Funny enough I most of the time feel at peace and connected to him. Yesterday I cried. Sitting on a rock, listening to the waves, the sun warming me up and the wind gently caressing me.

And I knew that he is there. That he will always be there if he wants to. I know that he is speeding over the mountains, down a waterfall, every now and then making the strongest trees almost fall over. I know he plays with the snowflakes and the dust, the waves on the ocean. I know he is out there, wherever he wants to be, doing what he wants to do.

Being the wind that tells the story…


34 thoughts on “Feel The Connection?

  1. This is so lovely. I understand the connection to nature. It’s almost an extension of my senses, and not a lot of people get it. I have an connection in particular to the earth. Lying on my back on grass, or sinking my toes into the sand. I’m sorry about your Father. But what a wonderful way of remembering him.

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  2. This was such a beautiful post, Sandra. I am so sorry to read about your father – but then you find his warmth in his wind. The wind is alive with such vibes and memories – it acts as a messenger.

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  3. Such a heartfelt, poignant and beautifully written tribute. I’m so sorry for your loss Sandra but glad you were able to cry and feel as though your dad was there with you. Sounds like as long as you’re in nature he’ll always be with you and in your heart. Hugs. xox

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  4. Sorry to hear about your loss. I felt connected to your post. Even, I adore nature and every element attached to it. Whenever, I’m on beaches or travelling on mountains, my senses tend to calm down. I feel inner peace. It’s a very divine feeling.

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  5. I understand the connection to nature and often wonder if people understand as well. As I mentioned in one of my posts I often get lost in the littlest things nature has to offer. A beautiful tribute to your Dad. Sorry for your loss.

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  6. As a species we have spent millennia trying to isolate ourselves from nature, to be something not only apart from, but above the elemental forces of the planet. We have arrived at a point in which we dwell and travel in climate controlled cocoons. When forced to go about on foot we insist on placing leather or rubber between the soles of our feet and the earth below us and we swaddle ourselves in various fabric layers to prevent nature from becoming too familiar with her caresses. You, and apparently many of your followers, are fortunate in that you are able to reconnect with the beauty and the pleasant sensations that are all around, free for the taking.

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  7. Ah, no I think I’m with you with the nature thing. For me it doesn’t mix with mobile phones going off or aggressive modern behaviour. Nature has a speed that you have to slow down to catch up with – if that makes sense. Submerged in it all alone on a mountain, or under water or with pet is the only time I have felt a real, honest peace.
    And try not to feel guilt about how you mourn. It’s all allowable, screams and silence – and any other way but doing it as you would be fake and you don’t come across as fake.

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    • That makes a lot of sense, yes. Thank you, I appreciate it. I want to be real. I don’t like to be fake. I can wear a mask if I have to but I think it only cost you energy. I only wear it if who I deal with does not matter and I don’t want them to come too close. But other than that, what you see is what you get. And I expect the same from people around me. Thank you again for this comment.


  8. It’s a beautiful piece, Sandra! Nature had a way of getting in sync with you and dig deep to what’s in your heart. Grieving is a process u’re allowed to have so bask in it. It always feel better after a good cry. And you know that wherever you are, your dad will always be around. X.

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  9. Sandra, this is absolutely beautiful, touching tribute to your dad. How wonderful to think of him this way and to feel him upon your skin again all that’s required is to be outside. I’m totally with you in nature. Nature has the ability to connect us to ourselves and to the world around us. Thank you for this.

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