My Picks Of The Week #23

Hope your week has been good so far. We had a fantastic week here, lots of laughter and the weather was just amazing (look, this is me doing small talk…). Looking forward to an equally good weekend and I truly hope you will have a great one too.

Everyone is different and as parents we first need to learn the way our kids deal with things…

Coach Daddy
Really there is so much great stuff on his blog. So browse and read and also head over to his 6 Word Challenge. It’s fantastic!

Scary Mommy
How can it ever be called lucky…

Lutheranliar Looks At Life
Every wondered what’s in a name?

The Mighty
We’ve all been in a situation where a kind word would have helped…

Voyager Of Freedom
Why the world doesn’t want you to be happy…

If you have learned all of this by 18, you have already come a long way…

The Pink Penguin
The reality of being pregnant…


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