Black Or White

It’s not always black or white. Sometimes there is actually so much more to it, so many different shades. But we tend to make a judgment based on left or right, black or white, up or down. We hardly ever think midfield in the first place.

This morning while scrolling through my Facebook feed (believe me I find a lot of inspiration there…) a post caught my attention. It was from one of the news stations and it read:

“Over the weekend, the Swiss held a referendum on a proposal to pay every adult about $40’000 a year, regardless of the amount f work they do or how much money they have. What do you think about the idea of paying all citizens a universal basic income?”

I let this work on me for a little bit. Then I read the comments. I honestly thought that there would be some positive ones. But the amount of hate that spat in my face while scrolling through the comments was intense. And one thing stood out: People think that it will create issues because it’s protecting and feeding the lazy.

To be honest, it crossed my mind as well. But knowing a little bit about how Switzerland works (hey, I have lived there for still the majority of my life, 30something years…) I can tell you that there always have been ways for “lazy” people to take advantage of the system.

But this one here in my book is not about feeding the lazy. It’s not about creating an issue because nobody would work anymore. Let me tell you, that $40’000 a year will not bring you far in Switzerland but it definitely helps you if you struggle big time. This is all about supporting the ones that have no chance. The ones that want to work but can’t for whatever reason. The ones that are not on a smooth ride. Of course there will always be a black sheep somewhere taking advantage. But this black sheep will do it and will find a way regardless. It’s about everyone else, who desperately needs some support.

What shocks me is that people comment who have no clue of a political situation in a country. All the know is from the little sentence shared in the social media news feed. And I bet they did not even make an effort to read what the referendum truly is all about and how it’s planned to be put in place. What shocks me is the hate, the jealousy that comes across. For people they don’t even know. People whose situation is unknown to them.

There’s not always black or white. There are many grey zones. And we all have moved through one at one point or the other. It would be fantastic if people would consider that not everyone is lazy or taking advantage. It would be fantastic if people would consider that sometimes you can find yourself in need of financial support and that maybe it is better for a society if the government provides one rather than letting people slip even deeper into issues.



9 thoughts on “Black Or White

  1. I love this. Even in America.. There are always people ragging on how some use the government help just so they can sit on their butt. I get that I really do, but there are people who actually DO need the help. I was one of those people, without government assistance my pregnancy, and the beginning of my sons life would have been so so so much different.

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  2. It’s a tough call..that one. I have seen abuse of the welfare system. Some are born into that ethic and never attempt to leave. Others struggle, and really need the help. It can cause one to rise above, or dwell in a very dark place, where there is no incentive to improve. And you’re so right, it’s never black or white.

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