For The Children

I feel slightly sick to my stomach right now. Not because I ate something but because I watched a report on TV about children. Children and there rights. Or better the lack of them. Here is the thing: In Australia children have what you call the right to grow up with both parents. And I think it’s a good thing in a normal divorce case. In the case that was just discussed though, things are slightly different.

It’s a domestic violence case. When the child was 18 months old the guy snapped more than normal and after beating his wife again he tied her up on a chair and threatened her to kill the child. Rape and other physical abuse followed. Long story short, she found the courage to get police involved and he was then sentenced to 5 year of prison (what in itself is a joke). Before he was sentenced though, during the time the court heard his case, he had the right to see his child. Ridiculous, don’t you think?

Anyway. The guy is out now and guess what? The poor woman now has to take her child to go see him every second week. By law. If she doesn’t show up, she breaks the law and will end up punished. What the hell? Honestly, what idiot can decide something stupid like this without even considering that it might end up as a death sentence for her and for her child?

It was one of the cases brought up by Rosie Batty, an advocate for women who suffered domestic violence in Australia and also for all the children, who are frankly left behind by the law. Because there is simply a lack of a law that allows children to stay away from an abusive parent, from what I understand. Rosie Batty is a victim as well and lost her 11 year old son to her abusive ex partner. The case back then made big waves. But nothing really changed in the two year since.

Kids should never be alone! Victims of domestic violence, mothers, children, fathers, should never be alone! Not here in Australia! Not anywhere else! If you don’t do it for the women, then at least put your hand up for the children!

33 thoughts on “For The Children

  1. What a disgusting story where Dad retained his visitation rights when all the signs were present that harm would eventually come to his wife and or/child at some point. DV victims face many battles BUT burying their children SHOULD NOT BE ONE.

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  2. This is exactly how women and children end up beaten or dead…and then the higher ups feel they have a right to ask “why did this happen?” Well, why do you think? Because the guilty gets a slap on the wrist and then gets to go on as if nothing ever happened. It’s a sad situation.

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  3. I don’t know whether I should be sad or angry about that. That’s is terrible. I mean, if he was acquitted,that would be one thing, but wow. That’s just awful.

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  4. Disgusting. If you in any way abuse someone you should have to give up all rights to see that person and their children. Nothing likeNothing like setting them up to be repeat offenders.

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    • I totally agree with you and it makes me really mad. What a huge gap in the system! And it’s so simple. As you said: If you abuse someone you automatically give up your right to see that person and the kids. You can still add something down the line of if you redeem yourself over a certain amount of time the case can be re-assessed…

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  5. Absolutely horrible for the mother and her child. Sadly, parental rights trump welfare and safety. It’s the same here in the United States…and many a tv show highlights this sad truth. Law and Order Special Victims Unit had a story about this same theme. Just terrible.

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    • All of those stories are not far fetched. Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds and so on. Unfortunately the stories are not products of the imagination of a person but have been reality. The issue is all over. USA, Australia, Europe. For some reason the criminal will never suffer the same punishment as the victim. I’m not talking death penalty but at least a life sentence because that is what the victim gets…

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      • Yes, of course…they are all based on real-life cases…it’s just awful that people are so sick and our justice system has to balance their rights against the victims, instead of the other way around….

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