On a day like this there’s one thought in my mind: I wish there would be more understanding in this world! More understanding for other people’s need, for their feelings, for their happiness, for their life. More understanding of things that are different, things we don’t consider normal. More understanding for the ones that decide to be different or are born being different.

Different doesn’t mean bad. Different doesn’t mean danger. Different doesn’t mean unacceptable. Different just simply means different.

Why can we not just accept that? Why can we not just embrace it?

Why do people think that everything needs to be one way. Why can we not accept that there are other ways too?

I wish there would be more understanding in this world. Understanding for different religions, understanding for different relationships, understanding for different languages, understanding for different skin colors, for different traditions.

There’s one thing that I will never be able to understand. I will never be able to understand how someone can decide to take other people’s life just because that person doesn’t agree with their choice of life. But I will not give this person the gift of hate. Let’s not give anyone like this the gift of hate. Just simply make a difference and stick to your values and teach your kids the right thing.

11 thoughts on “Understanding

  1. Most people fear what they do not understand. Others just hate because they think the world owes them something better. Why people think they are entitled to take someone else’s life ( as though they are the ones who gave life to them)? Arrogance and self-righteousness or just pure evil!

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  2. It was already said but I thought the same immediately: Some people are simply afraid of what they don’t know or what they don’t understand. But however, that is no reason to blame others for the own lack of tolerance!

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  3. The book clearly said> If you do not repent of your self-righteous hypocrisy, you are storing up wrath for the day of judgment.
    So religion has nothing o do with the reason for killings. Just done it out of evilness?

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