Second Amendment…

So much truth in this, don’t you think? Now honestly: Don’t you think it’s time to change something?

So you can’t buy chocolate with a surprise toy in it because in theory it could be swallowed by a child and harm the child. But you can get weapons build for the army and have them in your house…


I’m not saying anything… I’m just wondering how this can make any sense… Struggling to understand and not going to try to explain… 

28 thoughts on “Second Amendment…

  1. Oooh, you’re going to anger the gun toting second amendment folks now. LOL. I’m with you. I’m not against laying down and turning over your guns, but there needs to be control over it. More regulation. People on the no fly list shouldn’t be allowed to purchase guns.

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  2. Although I highly support the right to carry a firearm for protection, I do question what would compel a person to purchase an assault rifle. That, to me, is a bit extreme and I see no sense in it whatsoever. For my husband and I to purchase a firearm we went through the entire federal background check and application process – a three hour ordeal. There are safeguards in place that should keep these out of the wrong hands. However, unfortunately, just like anything else in life – if someone wants something bad enough they will find a way to get it. There are plenty of places/people to buy an unregistered/illegal gun from. It would be nearly impossible to keep the bad people from getting guns, but we can certainly be ready to protect ourselves when they do.

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  3. I’ll say it outright. It’s just plain stupid. I’m not a big fan of guns and it’s Kinder for crying out loud. You know…chocolates. Oh wait! I forgot: chocolates way too unhealthy for kids. Guns would however protect them. šŸ™„

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  4. As an American citizen, I don’t think there is much to understand. Honestly, this is more about profit instead of people. Moneyed interests own the political system, which is why nothing ever gets done to protect the people. More assault rifles means bigger profits for the manufacturers and the NRA, therefore more money goes to the men and women in Congress who have been bought by the NRA. I totally agree that this is ridiculous. Orlando is but another number, another statistic, and nothing will be done about it.

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  5. When this amendment was ratified, American needed guns to protect themselves from the British. We’re no longer threatened by the British invasion so this amendment is outdated. I can understand owning a small handgun for protection (there are some crazies in this world) but nothing else. Kinders are sold here in Canada, too. The boys love them!

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