My Picks Of The Week #25

It was an intense week. An intense week of sorrow for so many, of kindness, of questions that will forever be unanswered. There were so many fantastic posts out there in regards to Orlando. Posts that make me hope we will head to a better future with less violence in it. I will only share a couple of them. I know that you either wrote one or at least read one of those fantastic thoughts over the last couple of days.

Let’s hope that the kindness we all spread will spread further and eventually take over.

Have a happy weekend you all 🙂

Self love is indeed not selfish…

Willow’s Corner
Always good to have a plan…

No matter how long you are together, if you do it right, it will always feel like you’re on your honeymoon…

Predators are monsters…

Inspiring Max
Beautiful post about understanding…

Watercress & Wine
Love always wins… let’s hope so…

Orlando Espinosa
About making the journey…

A Kinder Way
All of us moms have something to say about it…

The Hillbilly Blogger
Do you remember how life was when we were young?


John Pavlovitz
Brock Turner’s Dad: Some things just need to be said…


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