A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook and it brought a smile on my face. It also made me think of how much of a hard time poor old Monday gets and I wonder why we can’t see the start of the week in a better light.

How come that the start of the week seems to annoy some of us to the point they actually declare how much they hate Mondays? I mean, I do get that the weekend is over and the getting up early, going to work or school starts all over again. But where is the positive attitude? The “hey I can do it”? Where’s the spirit of trying to make it a good week, a positive experience?

As much as I have struggled with my fair bit of Mondays before. I remember days of exams sitting there in front of me, with the first ones on Monday. I remember how much it spoiled my weekend getting prepared, learning and thinking of what was lying ahead of me. I remember saying how much I hate Monday myself.

There’s something about your mindset though, that can change a lot. At one point I decided to take the start into the new week as a kind of new beginning. See it as a challenge to make the best out of everything. About making me see the good in the first day of the new week. And it actually made me see it in a different light.

Suddenly frustration over a weekend soon to be over didn’t get to me anymore. Suddenly I found things to look forward too on a Sunday evening (and it was not the weekend on the other side of the week). And only just recently I decided to start the blogging week with “Tell Me Something Good“. Not only does it make me reflect on either the week that has passed or the week to come but it also makes me smile when I read what you leave in the comments.

So be kind. Be kind with Monday. Make a “mon” day out of it. Your day! Because, believe it or not, you are always in charge of your day. You are the one who decides if you will hold a grudge when you go to bed or if you fall asleep a happy person. It’s in your power to make the last thought before you fall asleep a positive one. And just as much as we can make this last thought a positive one we can also make the first day of the week a good one. We just need to try 😉


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