Blast From The Past – Hey You!

They just said on my favorite show in a report that it’s a surprising fact that women struggle so much with their body image… Are you serious? How can it be surprising? How can it be surprising that every woman, every girl who is not a size 4 develops issues given the fact that every woman, every girl in every kind of advertising looks like she is the perfect size with the perfect curves and the perfect skin (thanks to Photoshop of course…)? How is it a surprise that we question ourselves, our bodies, if cloths sizes suddenly are adjusted? So that even if we did not change weight wise we don’t fit in the size we used to wear for years?

Stop being so hard on yourself! See your beauty, acknowledge it and be proud! Have a little conversation with yourself and be kind…

As a Blast From The Past a little conversation I had with myself often in the past and some thoughts about struggling with our bodies…

Why are you looking at me like this? Why are you so super critical? Who do you think you are? Now let me tell you something: I can see the disgust in your eyes. And I can see how you scan my body. Now I ask you: What is wrong with you?


Illustration of a Thin Female Standing in Front of a Mirror and Seeing a Plump Girl in the Reflectio

Let me tell you something! I am no longer 20 or 25 or 30. Nope. Those numbers have past. My skin is not as fresh as it was back then, but it is still soft and marvelous. My face is not as even as it used to be, but all those little lines are lines of happiness. They are the sign of hours and hours of giggles, laughter and smiles. Happy moments with my friends and my family and I wear them with pride.

I see how you look at my boobs, my belly, my butt. Stop it! My boobs fed two children and provided me with the most amazing intimate moments with them. They are totally allowed to hang a little lower than 20 years ago. And by saying this, I also want to point out, that I am pretty happy with them still!

My belly is not as flat as the ones on the girls in the magazine but hey, it is a work in progress and under the soft cover I hide my little six pack. Two kids and no stretch marks! So what is your issue?

I totally see why you look at my butt and my legs like this. I would be jealous too. No cellulite and they look pretty good. So good that I still can rock shorts and short skirts. So what is the issue here?

Stop being so critical! What you see here is a woman heading towards her mid 40’s, a mom of two, who has every reason to be happy with what she sees in the mirror. So listen to me, woman in the mirror, stop being like this! Be happy with what you see! Be proud with who you are! You have every reason to!

I catch myself regularly checking my body out, thinking how much it has changed over the years. I look at certain parts and think to myself how many women might consider doing something about it. Something I would never do. I believe in aging naturally. I am willing to put effort in my aging body but no botox or other artificial stuff. It is just not who I am. Sometimes it gets to me though. Sometimes I realize the changes in my body. I realize that I am no longer the 20 something year old. And I start looking at myself in a more critical way.

I guess it’s something we all do, right? We are critical about our appearance and only a few of us actually manage to feel 100% comfortable in their skin (where are you? If you are one of them, if you always and I mean ALWAYS feel 100% comfortable in your skin, please let me know!), all the others have their little issues. Be it the grey hair, the saggy boobs, the muffin top, stretch marks, cellulite on butt or legs, veins, fluid retention in your limbs or whatever. And we all have things we can handle better and things we really struggle with.

For me it was always my tummy. I always (yes always) felt my tummy should be flatter. It got better after a sports teacher once told a group of us girls that women, who are fit and work on their abs don’t have a flat tummy. So that helped for a while, as I was doing a lot of sports back then. But it came back to me. Especially after having had my first baby, it really hit me.

I did not loose the baby weight as fast as I would have wished for. And it all was stuck around my waist. I sort of managed until the day when someone I used to work with asked me how far in my second pregnancy I already was. I only just had my baby 3 months prior… It really hit me hard. I actually often got asked if I am pregnant again. Just because of my tummy. And of course it does not help you feel better.

I am now at a point where I know how to deal with it and that my tummy is the one part of my body which needs the most work. And I actually have build a friendship with it. It is important that we come to terms with what we don’t like. It is us after all. Every single part of it is what defines us. My issue is only a small one and one that I have the power to change. So I am lucky. I just feel that there is so much pressure from the outside on every single one of us.

We open a magazine and there are pictures of celebrities who just had a baby and look as if they were never even pregnant in the first place. In moments like this it is difficult to remind yourself that there is Photoshop, that they can hire a personal trainer 24/7 and a nutritionist and a nanny. It is difficult to also be aware of the fact, that some just also bounce back in a different way. It is not that we are not perfect! It is not that we are not amazing! It is not that we are lazy! It is not that we are not beautiful or sexy!

We are unique. And we bounce back in our own unique way and time. Our bodies are unique and we should give this more credit. We are the person our husbands fell in love with. We are the moms our kids love like crazy. We are perfect. We are amazing. We are busy. We are beautiful and we are sexy! Start with the woman in the mirror and start now. It is time that we see it and embrace it and love us the way our loved once do: Unconditionally!

46 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Hey You!

  1. Absolutely!! And even though I can see no picture, I can tell from your mentality that you must be sexy as hell πŸ˜‰ I don’t look the same as I did 15 years ago either. However, I have had 3 children and nursed 3 children and THAT alone is enough for me to never beat myself up about my body. I loved this post! Thank you for writing it. May I share it?

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    • You can always share! And thank you so much! My husband sure thinks I’m sexy and that is good enough for me ;-). I think it’s important that we show our children that we are comfortable in our skin. That pretty comes in all shapes and sizes.

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  2. It’s so interesting. Most of my life, I was painfully skinny. Painfully. So when I look in the mirror, I always see that. And then, I go to a well lit fitting room in a clothing store….and….there they are, those extra pounds I could not see☺ It’s always about perspective, isn’t it ??? ☺

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  3. So much of what is blasted at us is airbrushed and it is impossible to even attempt to look like. I so agree with you that all of us women need to start feeling good and proud of who we are. We would even feel better about ourselves if we consistently exercised to make our body firm no matter the “size”. LOVED this post!! Thank you! ❀

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  4. I love this post! Thank you for the reminder that we should love our bodies at all the different stages. At 66 mine is certainly not the same as it was before having four kids. It sags, it bags and jiggles everywhere! But, I try to stay active by exercising every day and eating well. One of the girls in my Jazzercise class has a tank top that says, “Fit is the new Sexy”. I like that!

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    • Hey, awesome! Yes, regular exercise really helps. And you know what: I love Jazzercise and used to work as an instructor twice in my life, once back in Switzerland and then over here. Unfortunately it never picked up in my area of Australia and I believe the only place in Australia it truly worked was up in Sydney. So I had to stop. Still miss it. So when you go to your next class please think of me πŸ™‚ Fit definitely is the new sexy and fit does come in all shape and sizes as well πŸ™‚

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  5. Yes. thank you for sharing such an uplifting message. I am currently in the process of adjusting to the changes in my body as I turned 30 last year. It was a bit of a shock really. It’s not major changes, but minor ones that creep up on you, and a few months down the line, you start to notice extra fat that was not there.
    I am slowly learning to embrace my body though, and also working out to make sure I stay fit. I have a high metabolism which is getting slower as I get older so I need exercise to keep things in check
    Thanks for the uplifting message.

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  6. Oh, there’s nothing sexier than a mom. I said it. Young girls aren’t seasoned enough with life and love and perseverance. It’s like a blank canvas. I’ll take the work of art, thank you.

    It’s the opposite with me, in fact. I think I look better than I do, and then I pass a mirror or reflective window, and I’m like, “hey, who’s that dude??”

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  7. I love this, although I will admit that it is much easier said than done. I’ve always struggled with this and during most times in my life I’ve had no reason to. I’m a size 6, but see myself as a size 14. It’s strange and annoying how our mind can play tricks on us. But, you are absolutely right. No matter our size or blemishes we should be proud to be the person in the mirror.

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    • Oh it’s the hardest thing to do! I totally see your issue, I’m the same. My husband often brings me home a piece of cloths and when I look at the size I almost fall over and want to send him back to get a bigger size. But then I try it on and it fits and it looks good. I would have never picked that size. I think we are programmed to look at ourselves in an overly critical way. We probably all watched our mothers be overly harsh on themselves so it simply became normal to us…

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      • I think you’re right. I can’t recall my mother ever saying anything out loud, but now that I’m older and see her with adult eyes, I realize that she must have. Perhaps not with her words, but with her actions. That and media, which I think is much worse. We can’t escape it…which is exactly why we need to form our own opinion of ourselves, instead of letting others do it for us.

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