Vasilina The Vampire

There are a lot of really great quiz out there. Usually I get directed to them by The Playground but lately it was Coloring Outside The Lines and Coach Daddy who shared a link to a funny little quiz on their blogs. While Coach Daddy’s was about which ghetto name you’d have, Coloring Outside The Lines was about what mythical creature you’d be.


Congratulations you’re a vampire! These deadly creatures are said to use their immense beauty and grace to lure in their prey. You have incredibly sharp senses, but can sometimes let your emotions control you and are quick to anger, especially when the people you love are threatened.


Congratulations you’re a unicorn! Unicorns are said to be enchanting.They are very secluded, but are very protective of close friends and family. You have a great sense of what is good or evil and you are a great listener, and often heal people with your words.

Now, as I was a little unsure what answer to pick with two questions I decided to do the mystical creature quiz twice and ended up with being a vampire the first time and being a unicorn the second time around. Although I know that those quiz are not really able to tell much about your true personality, I do like what both of my results say.

I did Coach Daddy’s (his post about it here) ghetto name quiz already a while ago and actually had to ask him to help me find the link again to share it here. It’s a funny one too, especially if your ghetto name turns out to be the one I got:

Vaselina Patron

Now it’s all about finding out if Vaselina Patron the Vampire or Vaselina Patron the Unicorn sounds more intriguing… 😉


12 thoughts on “Vasilina The Vampire

  1. I am an elf 🙂
    Congratulations you’re an elf! Beauty and wisdom are commonly associated with elves. They are also said to be friendly with nature and animals. You are keen-eyed and always know what is going on around you, with your elvish senses, which are sharper than most, and your great perception.


  2. A vampire, very cool. Look, I am Pegasus:
    Congratulations you’re a pegasus! Pegasi are graceful and confident beings. They are often said to enjoy the outdoors. As a pegasus, you have great self-belief, but you are not arrogant, and you crave freedom.


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