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So far it has always been a good sign when the little sign for a pingback popped up on my screen. Either a post got shared, my blog got mentioned (thankfully always in a good way to the day…) or my blog got nominated for an award. Like this time. The ping came from my Canadian friend Eric, who blogs over at All In A Dad’s Work. His blog is great and you should definitely go have a look around if you have never been there yet.

Eric nominated me for the Happiness Tag and it made me truly happy to read that my blog makes Eric, aka Stomperdad happy too. After a little happy dance (again) I had a closer look at what I was supposed to do.

  • List five things that make you happy.
  • List five songs that make you happy.
  • List five bloggers that make you happy and notify them of the nomination.

The five things that make me happy are:

  1. My family. My husband makes me happy every single day. Even in the moments I don’t like him (yep, sometimes that happens and I tell him…). He makes me happy for the way he treats me. The way he sees me, the way he looks after all of us, his “amazing” singing. His cooking, his kisses, his touches, his smiles, his hugs. Him. My kids for being smart, kind, lovely, fun, creative. Just beautiful personalities. And my mother-in-law who is the best ever.
  2. My friends make me happy. Because they are lovely, funny, fun to be around, supportive. Just the kind of friends you’d wish for.
  3. Living so close to the ocean. Just thought the other day how amazing it is to just decide to go for a walk along the beach every day of the year…
  4. Being healthy and living in a safe country. It’s just not something to take for granted.
  5. Having found all of you (or being found by you…). I learned so much from each and everyone of you.


Not sure if those five songs are my happy songs but I really love listening to them at the moment:

To be honest, a lot of songs make me feel happy. Music just triggers emotion and I feel you can choose songs that make you feel blue or songs that make you feel happy, songs that make you reflect and songs that lift you up. So choose your playlist wisely 😉

And now to the hardest part, my five nominees (I realize that some of you might be award free, so please just see it as a token of my appreciation…):

  • Dream Big, Dream Often
    You make me happy because of the questions of the day, your blogger meet & greets and the fantastic posts you write and share in general.
  • Ah Dad…
    I don’t know how many times you made me laugh reading your posts…
  • But I Smile Anyway…
    Because you make me smile anyway…
  • Vanbytheriver
    Because your posts are fantastic and your support makes me happy…
  • Nutsrok
    Because of the stories you tell in such a great way. You make me laugh on a regular base…

But hey, actually this is only a short list of all the bloggers out there, all of you actually, that make me happy. Because you really all do. With every like, every visit and every comment. Thank you all so much for reading my posts.

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