Dogs – Did You Know…

… That about 10’000 dogs are likely to be slaughtered over the course of an annual dog eat festival in Yulin, China. Most of them are skinned and boiled while still alive. 

I believe that we as a human race are educated and evolved enough to put an end to cruel traditions like that. Events like the slaughtering of those dogs and the brutal killing of the Grindwhales in the Faroe Islands should just not be happening anymore…

It makes me sad…

13 thoughts on “Dogs – Did You Know…

    • I’m shocked about the cruelty that still goes on. Look, if they want to eat dog meat, that’s one thing but you don’t have to be extra cruel and “spice up your manhood” by torturing a creature. What is wrong with people? Why is there such a lack of empathy?


  1. We have a few “rituals” in India as well though not at a large scale. Not to mention the bullfights in Spain. Activists and even the public at large has been trying to ban such “festivals” (How dare they use such a happy term for this tragic event??) but the obstinate answer is “This is a part of our tradition”… What sort of a tradition is GOOD if it allows for such slaughter? Common sense! Even a person with a pinch of humanity would understand that this is plain cruel torture.

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  2. This is how lobster and crab are boiled/steamed as well. But somehow when it’s dogs in China or bullfights in Spain it seems cruel. Unfortunately, when these acts of cruelty are hidden behind veils of tradition the chances of getting them to change are near impossible.

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