Meet & Greet – Summer Traditions Style

Great meet & greet happening on a great blog. Head over and share your link! And mix and mingle with everyone there too.

A Texan's View of Southern Missouri

Meet and Greet

The day is here! So here are a few rules/tips to get the most out of the Meet & Greet this weekend:

  • Leave a comment with a favorite summer tradition.
  • Leave a link to your blog, or a specific post.  Write a little something explaining what your blog tends to be about.
  • If you have a link of someone else’s blog or post, feel free to share that in the comment as well.
  • And share this post! Re-blog, tweet, pin, whatever you feel like doing! The more visitors there are, the more participation there will be, and the more exposure there is to all of these great bloggers.
  • And last, but not least, check out these great posts from fellow bloggers!

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  2. Top 5 types of people an introvert would find easy to date

  3. Mommy Started The Fire!

  4. A clever and busy mind

  5. Sunday Humour: In Light of Father’s Day

  6. No Place for Hatred…

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