My Picks Of The Week #27

Apparently I’m not good with numbers. Or counting… I just realized that I made two mistakes in my numbering of the Picks Of The Weeks so far. But hey… doesn’t really matter, right? Anyway, I’m off heading to the place we need to go to vote today. I still don’t really know who to vote for but I guess, I will just have to make a decision when I’m there… I had a fantastic week, spending heaps of time with the kids and organizing play dates for them. It was a happy week for all of us and I hope you had a similar experience. Hope you enjoy my picks of this week and happy weekend you all 🙂

Bloggity Ramblings
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Why do we twitch when we fall asleep…

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About people filling the other chair…

Just Plain Ol’Vic
About perspective…

All The Places You Will Go

Midlife Margaritas
About shark week…

About the wheel of life… and the moon…

About a big shift… a big step… evolving…

I Didn’t Just Wake Up This Morning With A Craving
About what our body remembers…

My Self Evident Truths
About Israel’s beauty…

Estelea’s Blog
About the weight of love…


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