Falling Asleep – Did You Know…

I might just as well try this. What do you do if you struggle falling asleep? 

While working on my novels I had this one point where I got stuck. So often, when I was in bed, struggling to fall asleep, I tried to think about how I wanted to continue. Guess what… Every single time I fall asleep! 

Now, the problem is, that you sort of condition your body to a ritual to fall asleep and I guess trying to move on with the story was that one trigger My body recognized to fall asleep… 

It took me a while. But I managed to do it and actually write on without falling asleep…

13 thoughts on “Falling Asleep – Did You Know…

  1. I listen to audiobooks — usually calm, non-fiction ones. Usually I fall asleep as soon as I turn it on & it helps so much with my racing mind. If i’m not able to fall asleep I try to accept it and simply enjoy the audio book. It’s like my own private story time.

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