Blast From The Past – What’s In A Tagline

Evian is doing it again. They let babies sell their water. An advertising campaign that goes on for years already and frankly: I find it really cool. Advertising, if done properly, can be fun to watch.

I wonder what is your favorite tagline, favorite advertising (Find some of mine in my little Blast From The Past below)?

While you think about it, get some inspiration by the Evian babies. I let you choose which one you’d like to watch… by the way, did you know that you can actually get your Evian water for free in Evian? You can simply take your bottle at a fountain in town, coming right form the source…

We all know them, the famous tagline of the big companies. The taglines they use to make us believe that their very own product is the best option for you. Actually the only option. I wonder: What’s in a tagline actually? And which ones are the ones  that really stick? Here are a few that I think are very clever.

Apple’s Think Different, TDK’s It’s lonely at the top, Audi’s Never follow, Electrolux’s Nothing sucks like an Electrolux and of course Nike’s Just Do It.

One that actually irritates me is Fosters’ Fosters – Australian for beer. Just because I’m still trying to figure out the why to this slogan. Did you know that you can actually not buy Fosters in Australia? So why would you actually advertise with Australia?

Anyway. Taglines are there to make the brand appear more important or better than it actually is. Why do we buy that promise? Why do we let those words influence us, influence our way of buying?

What’s your favorite tagline? Or the tagline you think is the most successful? The funniest tagline? Who did it best in your eyes?



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