How to Change the Way You Talk To Yourself

Actually a lot to think about. I wonder how you guys approach it? Do you speak to yourselves? If you do, do you do it out loud or is the dialogue happening in your head?
I have two ways my dialogue happens and it depends on the situation. When I work out or clean I usually speak it out loud. It’s more controlled than when I have my dialogue in my mind. And it’s for sure much more positive. I realized that I tend to be harshly critical of myself when this chat happens in my head. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to speak out the words and I don’t hear them so clearly.
Danny is right, we need to work on the way we speak to ourselves. Be kind. Not just with others but with yourself too.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Have you tried and tried to change the way you speak negatively  to yourself, only to fail and fail again?

yell-anger-fight-man-mirror image credit:

Making any change can be hard, but changing this habit after years of reinforcement can be especially difficult.  The way you speak to yourself can affect so many parts of your life and can be the foundation for a good day or a bad day; or a happy life or a sad life.  For this reason I have come up with a quick list on how to change the way you talk to yourself.


…you must become aware of how you speak to yourself.   Sometimes people talk negatively to themselves and don’t realize how negative they really are.  Begin to pay attention to the particulars of your self-speak.  Do you tend to be negative towards yourself?  Do you use foul language?  Do you berate yourself…

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