Look Up!

Often we rush through our days, heading from one point to the other, deep in thoughts. We keep our eyes glued on what’s in front of us, on the floor, to avoid possible obstacles that might make us trip. We keep going only focused on what lies in the center of our tunnel vision. We forget to look up. We forget to stop and take a moment to see what is there.

In doing so we miss out on a beautiful sky that seems to be on fire, some waves in the clouds that seem to wash over the colorful autumn leaves, a deep blue sky and in contrast to it red leaves. We miss out seeing how the sun tries to get through storm clouds or a heart in the burnt out rest of a tree. We don’t see the face on the moon, the different shades of green of the forest or how a cloud and the sunset turn a mountain in a volcano.

All the magic that surrounds us on a daily base is lost.

So stop! Look up! And see…


Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Look up!


25 thoughts on “Look Up!

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  4. LOVE the photos! I drive home during winters sunset and i can’t help but to marvel at the sky as I sit at the traffic light. During my drive I spend time going through the things I and grateful for and reflect on the day. As hard as some days can be… The sunset always reminds me that tomorrow is a clean slate and an opportunity to start over x

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  5. It’s my favourite thing in the world. Stopping and sitting on a mountain and taking it all in. Trouble is I have to get back to the car park, get in the car, drive through the smog, noise and impatient blowing horns and the crapola all comes rushing back! 🙂

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