My Picks Of The Week #28

The week is nearly over and with the weekend comes the end of this years winter school holidays. We had a good little break. Yes, although homeschooling our kids are off during school holidays as well. It’s when they can enjoy mingling with their friends who go to school. We had a great time with play dates, hikes, bowling, going to the movies and heading to our favorite Wildlife Park with some friends. On Monday everything will go back to normal and yet not really. For my son a couple of important competitions are coming up and for my daughter the practicing for her dance school’s big show will start. There’s always something going on that keeps you busy. Maybe that’s why the weeks seem to fly by like a fighter jet…

I hope you had a fantastic week and enjoy your summer break. Here is my little list of posts I enjoyed reading this week. Have a happy weekend you all 😉

Mabel Kwong
About mental illness in Asian society…

About Brexit… and beyond…

Behind The White Coat
About what could be and what is reality for others…

About finding a blogging niche… or not…

Essential Kids
About being a better sports parent..

The Playground
About St. Valentine…

Ah Dad…
About Finding Dory and so much more..

Scary Mommy
About parenting…

All In A Dad’s Work…
About writing and parenting…

Art By Robert Goldstein
About human evil…

The Editor’s Journal
About selfies…

14 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #28

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out and link. You are very kind and I am very humbled 🙂

    School’s coming back in and hope your son and daughter will have a good semester ahead. The dance show sounds exciting for your daughter, and perhaps she’ll have a lot of fun practising and picking out her outfit 🙂

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  2. I can’t believe the holidays are over already. As a casual teacher, the holidays mean being able to relax in the morning knowing the phone won’t ring. Hope your kids have a good term and good luck to them both in their endeavours. 🙂

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