Nettie Stevens – Did You Know…


6 thoughts on “Nettie Stevens – Did You Know…

  1. I knew that since I learned it from another blogger! 😜
    I have such a great interest in women who are professional scientists that another item on my to do list is to get a blog about them a little farther down the road. It is called Secret City Superwomen, because many of them also lived and worked here in The Secret City, and others still do. I have started to research and interview a few of them, who also had families who were raised in this very unique place, and many of the children still live here, or moved away and came back since they never found another place just like it. I have completed, but not yet posted, an entry on Dr. Liane Russell, whom I met in a memoir writing class. Haven’t seen her in a while but hope she is still working on her memoir. Liane Brauch “Lee” Russell (born August 27, 1923) is an American geneticist and conservationist. Her studies in mammalian genetics provided the basis for understanding the chromosomic basis for sex determination in mammals and the effects occasioned by radiation, drugs, fuels and waste on mice. Her biggest scientific contribution, I feel, was to establish the maximum safe radiation dose for women of childbearing age.

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