Kisses On The Mouth

Let’s just say it right here, right now: I kiss my kids on their lips. Still do and will continue for as long as they feel comfortable with it. And I think there is nothing wrong with this! One of the kisses I will forever remember will be one of the last kisses I got from my Dad before he passed away. It was a kiss on the lips.

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I don’t understand the issue some people have with the picture posted on Instagram by Victoria Beckham, kissing her daughter on the lips. Did we really get to the point where showing affection for our kids is labeled gross?

Kissing is part of societies. Some kiss even strangers when they meet. In Switzerland you kiss people you know (and like I guess) three times on the cheeks. In other countries it’s one, two or even four of those kisses. And in some countries it’s a kiss on the mouth or rubbing the nose. Even with strangers.

Now, I would not kiss a stranger on the lips. I would also not kiss a stranger on the cheek. I kiss my friends on the cheek and I still do three of them which often leads to confusion. And to some giggling. Especially if one of the kisses by mistake ends up on the lips instead of on the cheek… I for sure kiss my family on the lips. My husband and my children. Sometimes the kids kiss each other on the lips. And I have no problem with that.

There is nothing dirty about it. Nothing filthy, nothing bad, nothing that needs to be stopped. When I read the comments poor Victoria Beckham had to face I could only shake my head and I truly hope she will be able to see them the way they are: Utter nonsense!

“That is not cool at all… Victoria should think twice before doing that shit. Fucking child molester.”

Since when is kissing your child on the lips child abuse? Why do we call someone who shows love and affection a molester?

“This is child sexual abuse.”

Oh is it? So then changing a diaper is too? After all you touch the private parts if you change a diaper, you know… What about hugging your child? I mean, you touch it too…

The whole angle of the pic makes it suggestive. Like it was set up for response. I don’t personally don’t kiss my children in mouth but know many that do never seen it look like they were having having a moment. [sic]”

I can’t even properly read this comment… Having a moment… Yes, I do have a moment when I kiss my children on the lips. A beautiful mother and child moment. Not any other kind of moment. So what is wrong with that?

Looks like your making out… it’s definitely the head tilt. Makes it look like a romantic movie kiss. [sic]”

Why is tilting the head bad? I sometimes tilt my head when I kiss my kids. Just to avoid our noses to be squashed… Seriously people, you are really trying hard to turn something beautiful into something dirty. Maybe it’s not the picture, maybe it’s your fantasy that is the real issue here…

“Whilst quickly flicking through my Instagram feed this morning, I’m ashamed to say, I did at first think this was a lesbian kiss! It was not until I focused properly and realized who had posted the pic, saw who it was. Nothing wrong at all with showing love and affection to your children but maybe not on dangerous social media!”

I agree with not sharing pictures of children on social media but hey, they did for a long time and honestly, I believe if you see a lesbian kiss you truly try to find something dirty here without it being there…

A lot of kids get cold sores from their parents kissing them on the mouth.

Yeah, sure… And they might even get some rashes from holding hands and hugs. So let’s never touch our kids again…

Have a look at the picture again. For me there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a picture of a mother kissing her daughter. Unfortunately it’s a famous mother, one that polarizes. People try to find something to make her, like so many celebs, look bad.

Honestly, just that couple of comments makes me wonder how far we’ve come as a society. A society in which it’s obviously wrong to be close with your children. But also a society that obviously is so full of jealousy that we throw dirt whenever we get the chance to do it. How very sad.

I’m not for posting pictures of our children on any social media. But some people do. In regards to celebrities I think they probably rather put pictures of their kids out there themselves so the harsh hunt for any shot from Paparazzi might not get as crazy. In the end it’s us who make them do it, don’t you think so?

It’s us, or at least the ones who buy the gossip magazines, providing a market for Paparazzi and people who come up with all the dirt stories shared. It’s us who watch the gossip shows on TV. We want to see how the kids look like, what they do, eat, wear, especially what they all do wrong and where they make mistakes. We want to see them fail.

What I see in this picture in question is a mother kissing her daughter. Nothing more. No child molester, no child abuse, no sexual intent, no making out, no lesbian kiss, no tongue… Just a mother showing her affection for her daughter. A beautiful picture!

For all the ones out there trying to pull it in the dirt: Get a life!

Now please excuse me, I need to go kiss my kids…

44 thoughts on “Kisses On The Mouth

  1. When I saw the picture, I was like oh a mother kissing her child. Then I read the post and thought, I never for a minute thought that was abuse or that there is anything wrong or suggestive happening here. I kiss some of my kids on the lips, the steps kids have never kissed me on the lips and that is their just fine They aren’t as affectionate in general as my younger 3. I kiss a lot of people on the lips, it isn’t something that bothers me. It is telling them how much I love them and respect them. Good for you!! Keep kissing them until they tell you that it is no longer comfortable for them. xoxoxox

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  2. It is so sad when people try to find something wrong with everything that other people do. Of course these are probably the same people who have never been out of their little worlds and assume everything they are not used to wrong. I don’t do it to my son just because he’s out grown it, but my daughter on occasion still does. How anyone could look at that picture and read more in to it then what it really is, is beyond me.

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  3. I have three daughters. I kissed each of them on the lips to say hello and goodnight until they felt uncomfortable and offered a cheek. The age that happened varied for the older two and I still the youngest daughter on the lips. With the older two, nothing was ever said. I understood. They understood. It’s not wrong. We’re family. It’s a sign of affection and love for one another. There’s nothing sexual in it. People who say otherwise need to get off their soapbox, examine their own inadequacies and get a life.

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  4. I’m so totally with you on this. The people who made those comments obviously have no life and nothing better to do. I’m Italian and have always grown up with affection and kissing on both sides of the cheek. My older daughter’s outgrown it and that’s fine. My 15yo son still happily kisses me on the lips and he’s grown up knowing that love and affection. A normal and healthy part of life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  5. Never knew people would judge so much . its just that how they perceive it. If they think about it as a dirty or wrong probably they haven’t shown enough love or have some other perception problem..
    I do not see anything wrong in giving a gentle kiss to kids.

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  6. My mother and father are in their 70s, and I still kiss them on the mouth. My son, not so much because he’s not comfortable with it (more of a sensory/autism thing than a social construct thing), but there’s nothing unnatural about it. People really need to get off the computer and get lives if all they’re going to contribute is judgement and hate.

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    • See, if my kids are not comfortable with it then I don’t do it. Sometimes they don’t want to be kissed on the mouth. I think there is the key point. As long as it feels right to everyone involved it’s fine.

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  7. Yes, three times 😉 Stupid discussion about that kissing! As you said, as long as the kids feel comfortable there is nothing wrong with it. I remember a book about raising kids from the time when my great grandmother was young. They said that you mustn’t show too many signs of love in order to not spoil the kids… idiotic…. I don’t think we want to go there again!

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  8. I’ve seen a few blog writing about this today! 🙂
    It’s just ridiculous how and why people make such a big fuss out of something so innocent and done out of love and affection There’s absolutely nothing wrong with kissing your child on the lips or vice-versa, until that becomes uncomfortable for either party. Kisses are what life is all about. 🙂

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  9. People need to pay more attention to their lives, their choices and less time criticizing people who they don’t even know personally. What was that phrase….those that live in glass houses shouldn’t cast the first stone?

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  10. If I had more energy I would enthusiastically agree with you and rant about idiots on teh interwebs who need to get a life and leave other people alone. As it is, i’m going to tiredly agree that you’re so right and people on teh interwebs need to get a life and leave other people alone to live theirs.

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    • Thank you so much. Hope you can recover and get some energy back. You’ve been through a lot! Situations like the one with your tenant drain energy as well… too much energy wasted on situations like the one you shared on your blog.


  11. I’m already so embarrassed by my country (USA) but I can’t help but wonder if the negative reactions are mostly coming from the US. I’ve personally, always been jealous of the kiss-on-the-lip families. It’s a beautiful and natural expression of love.

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  13. I think some people are simply jobless with too much time to critic others and the overall propagation of sexually explicit materials has led to all these nonsensical misinterpretation. I kiss my children, let someone come and stop me.

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  14. I’d file this under the US Magazine feature Celebrities – They’re just like us. Too bad for them more people make a point of taking a photo of them acting like us and even more than that will try to throw shade on them when they act like us.

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