Nice, My Heart Goes Out To You

Nice is one of those beautiful places. A place you don’t forget once visited. Our French friends celebrated 14 Juillet, their National Day yesterday. Apparently a reason for another sick person to let loose.

The death toll stands at 74 of what I heard. People, families, children who came to watch the fireworks and have a good time. Standing there in awe of what they saw, having a good time.

A coward in a truck full of stuff to be blown up, zigzagged his way through the crowds in order to get as many fatalities as possible before blowing himself and the truck and so many more lives up. He got shot before he could blow it all up. But damage was done.

Lives have been lost again.

Parents will grief the loss of their child.

Children will mourn over the loss of a parent.

Friends will forever be missed.

Families ripped apart.

When will it ever end…



9 thoughts on “Nice, My Heart Goes Out To You

  1. No need to look for rational thought behind these senseless acts, there is none. We are a people who have ripped out living human hearts in an attempt to convince volcanoes to not erupt. There are times when I believe that this planet is the Creator’s asylum.


  2. I celebrated Bastille Day with my friend in Paris a couple years ago, over Skype…we watched the fireworks from her apartment window. She now trembles just to step outside, anymore, and feels so nervous to fly (she flies home to visit her family a few times a year). These acts of violence…as you said, when will it ever end?

    Phenomenal quote. Thank you for this post.


    Autumn Jade


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