Who Do you See First

I like the little optical illusion challenges and always wonder why it is that we see the one or the other first. Apparently it’s about your personality. Here’s a fun little game to play and I wonder who you saw first? It has nothing to do with my rabbit or duck pic above. So head over there and see what it reveals about you before I tell you what result I got.

This is what it revealed about my personality:

If you see a young woman:

It means you’re an optimist with a great deal of positive healing energy. You can be a bit impulsive – don’t be afraid to slow down sometimes!

I got to say it’s pretty spot on (the being a bit impulsive and being an optimist). I love the idea of having a great deal of positive healing energy. It’s something not up to me to decide but I was recently told by a friend that from the first moment she met me I made her feel good and that she observed me interact with others over the year and the impact I had on those people and how positive it was.

What a beautiful compliment! Nothing better than to hear that you make someone feel good. I shared this with Danny on his Question Of The Day post a couple of days ago. See, I’m not good with compliments and sometimes I wonder why that is the case… Do you think it’s because we are raised to be humble? And if we agree on a compliment that is given we are not acting accordingly?

But then, if someone tells us something good about ourselves, why can we not just accept and appreciate it and really take it on board? Like that pat on our back we should actually give ourselves from time to time. Like the positive talking we should do to ourselves. Like that appreciating who we are and supporting where we want to go.

How do you deal with compliments?

Now let’s see what it reveals about my dominant emotion:


Your dominant emotion is love. You are a very warm, loving, sympathetic person. You always try to lend a helping hand, and you put others’ needs before your own. You are very compassionate and caring. People go to you when they need a shoulder to cry on. You give unconditional love to those around you. You are also quite romantic. You treat your loved ones with the utmost respect and kindness. You also wear your heart on your sleeve, but being open about your emotions is what makes you the beautiful person you are.

Very beautiful and humbling…



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