You Asked, I Answer

I think I harassed you enough with reblogging my “ask your question” post. We have not reached a number of 20 questions yet, but 15 are really not bad. Thank you all so much for taking part in my little Q&A “game” (it’s not over, just keep asking your questions in the comments either on the original post or here). You came up with some fun questions! And here are my answers…

Thanks To Oxygen4thejourney for asking the following questions:

1. Your favorite quote? Or quotes?
This is not an easy question to answer. There are so many inspirational quotes out there I truly love and I’ve shared so many of them on my blog over the months I’m blogging. I think the one I find the most inspirational and motivational is the following, especially because it has a very deep meaning to me. It was the one quote that got a friend of mine out of a dark place after she had an accident and got paralyzed:

And of course this one should not be forgotten:

2. What’s your favorite hot beverage?
That honestly depends on the time of the day. In the morning I love my cup of tea to start off but once I’m up and running properly I love my cup of coffee…

3. What do you do as β€œme time” to recharge your soul when you get a few hours alone?
It’s actually difficult for me to slow down. Especially when I’m home alone. As much as I’m looking forward to some me time at home it usually feels weird. So I do much better if I can just head out on a walk with the dogs. Walk along the beach.

I do love reading and listening to music if I’m at home. And sometimes I just place myself on the sofa and binge-watch one of my favorite TV shows… Being in charge of the TV feels good πŸ˜‰

Next question comes from The Swedish Kiwi who gave me the idea for this little game:

4. Do you prefer the aisle, middle or window seat on a plane?
I always preferred the window seat when I was traveling on my own. It gives you that little bit more space and maybe even personal space. You can lean on the wall and sleep. Now, traveling with the kids one of the kids sits next to the window. I only sit in the middle seat if I really, and I mean REALLY have to.

Then we have Miriam from Out An’About who asked the following actually very tricky question:

5. As a night owl who struggles with sleep, what’s your best tip for insomnia?
Try not to get your mind spinning in overdrive… but then that is really hard. I recently just started to close my eyes and try to relax my body as much as possible. In doing so I feel I still give my system a rest. My insomnia is honestly not as bad. I usually sleep for a couple of hours but then wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall back asleep… until maybe 30min before I have to get up and then I could just sleep…

And from my friend Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway…

6. What made you decide to homeschool?
My husband was interested in the option and started looking into it. I think it was mostly because he had missed out on basically all of our son’s first 2 1/2 years of life and just wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. Whatever the initial reason was, it truly doesn’t matter anymore. It was a great decision and we are very happy about it.

7. Blogging. Why?
I always loved to write and did it as a job for a little while. Then there was our move and everything was different. I always felt the urge to write again but never picked it up until one day when I decided to start blogging. I have to say, it made me a much happier person (I’m a happy person in general). I love to write down my thoughts and I love the feedback I get. The interaction. I’m glad I started blogging.

Then In The Arena came up with a really good question:

8. In what aspect of your life have you met and/or do you meet with the greatest Resistance?
With my confidence in general. I often doubt myself. I often think that I’m not good enough and that I just simply can’t do certain things. It drives my husband insane. He is usually the one who pushes me on in situations like this and gets me to believe that I can do it. I sometimes get to the point where I tell him off in my mind but then start doing. And it turns out well.

From Grubbs N’Critters:

9. How do you juggle homeschooling, work, household chores, other things in between and still find the time to blog and publish a few posts on a daily basis?
The homeschooling is my husbands job. When we decided to homeschool it was pretty clear that he would be the teacher. He works from home and until now he can juggle it all. Honestly: I do not know how, but he does it. He is a wonderful teacher (although not teacher in profession) and I’m so glad that he is in charge of our kids’ education. Writing this blog does not feel like a chore to me. The posts usually come pretty easy. I do feel bad from time to time because I feel I neglect reading and visiting other blogs.

10. What’s your super power?
Not really sure… I have a super sidekick??? Or maybe I’m the sidekick to a super man? πŸ˜‰

Kate would love to know the following:

11. What is your most annoying habit? (annoying to you, not other people)
I hate it that my confidence is so low although there is a lot that can prove I can do stuff. And I sometimes bite the skin around my fingernails… and I answer questions my kids get asked…

Linda asked

12. What was your first day of school like?
Interesting… I think I really liked it, although I didn’t like the fact that I had to sit next to someone I didn’t wanted to sit with.

And The Pink Herald’s Blog posed the following question:

13. What inspires you?
Nature. The ocean, the mountains, the forest, everything. And people. People are inspiring. Strong people, tough people, brave people, smart people and most of all: Kind people!

Karen would like to get an answer to the following:

14. What do you hope to accomplish?
I hope that one day my children will look back and know that I did my best to raise them right. I want them to be kind and to stand up for what they believe is right. I want them to have values and respect. I want to be proud of them but I want them to be proud of themselves too. If my children will be the kind and wonderful personalities they are now when they are adults, then I have accomplished what I want to accomplish…

Here is what Eric would like to know:

15. If you could master one skill or a talent over night, which would you master?
I would love to be fluent in say 7 or 8 more languages. Languages connect people. Speaking someones language brings people together. And if I could choose a super power, then I’d like to bring people together and make everyone understand that being kind to each other is the only way forward…







18 thoughts on “You Asked, I Answer

  1. What a fun way to find out more about you. As for the sleeping and insomnia, yep, my mind works in overdrive. And like you, I try and relax my body but often wake during the night and then in the morning when I have to wake up I could sleep for hours! Thanks for answering our questions. πŸ™‚

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  2. Yo, I still have over a hundred questions I can post for you… ^_^ I just have to dig them up again. πŸ˜› and, you know, get the energy to polish ’em up for publishing.

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