Taboo Word Challenge

Who’s up for a new challenge? Stay tuned and check out / follow All In A Dad’s Work to not miss out on a new blogging challenge, coming up soon…

All In A Dad's Work

There will be a new challenge coming to the blogosphere in September. Warm up your thinking caps. Loosen up those blogging fingers. After those pesky kids get back to school we’ll start up this new and exciting adventure!

It requires you to do nothing but blog as you normally would. There are no photos or topics to write about. However, there will be something missing.

Each post you make will be missing a word… or rather written without using a given word. I have 20 words chosen. Each day, the taboo word will be a little harder to omit so you’ll have to be creative. The challenge will start on the first of September and run until the 28th. It’ll be a Monday to Friday challenge so there will be no taboo words on the weekends. I’ll post the full taboo word list as the date approaches for those who like to…

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9 thoughts on “Taboo Word Challenge

  1. Hi AMomma’sView! I have nominated you for the MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award for quality content, originality and presentation. If you choose to accept please visit for details. If you choose to decline, I hope you will take it as a compliment that I have recognized you for your quality work.


  2. That sounds interesting, not sure if i’ll join in as I am not sure if it will fit in with my blog content at least on the habitat blog, although it may well go on the Cognitive Reflection blog which is sorely lacking at the moment.

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