My Picks Of The Week #30

Another week under our belt. I hope it was a good one for you guys. I can’t believe the length of this list! I hope you don’t get scared of all those links! Honestly, they are sure worth reading so please head over and check them out! You might discover a new blog you’d like to follow… Happened to me, I promise!

Anyway… I hope the week treated you well and that you have a great weekend ahead of you. Enjoy it! Cherish the good moments! Happy weekend you all πŸ™‚

About being a mom and wanting to get out if here…

Scarymommy (written by Motherhood And More)
About mixed messages moms receive…

About how to deal with negative people…

Open Thought Vortex
About victim blaming…

The Swedish Kiwi
About the difference in winters…

About making a difference…

In The Arena
About commitment…

The Homeschool Mom Blog
About purposeful affection…

Rethinking Life
About stepping up…

Single Girls Rock
About gun control…

A Dog’s Life
About the power of a smile…

About a very interesting approach of judging…

Last but not least two posts that left a huge impression on me this week:

Dream Big, Dream Often
About the words we use…

About the kind of superheroes we all need…

I would love to highlight one part of this post:

Gifted people are not those that can act and are good at sports. It is those sensitive, caring, loving people who have been given hate, pain and abuse their whole lives. Yet they still return with love for the world. They hold the key.

How beautiful is this?


20 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #30

  1. I tried to post a comment to Single Woman but Disqus would not let me sign in. So I will post it here in hopes that she will see it.

    If your goal is for all parties to an “encounter” to walk away unharmed then no, you should not have a gun. If the conversation is about defense rather than sport then training, the willingness to use a weapon and the good sense to know when to not deploy the thing are all required aspects of gun ownership. Any discussion about the effectiveness of gun laws should begin in Chicago. A final thought: When seconds count help is only minutes away

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  2. My thanks to you for including my piece on victim-blaming is late, but I deeply appreciate your reading, linking, and putting me in the company of the other wonderful writers on your list. Much love!

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