Don’t you love to watch children? How carefree they are? How light their lives seem? I love to watch them. I love to hear their theories on life and all that goes on.

I wonder when we lose it? When do we start worrying? And why? Can’t we just continue seeing life in a light way?

I understand that by growing up we have to take on more responsibilities. Over are the times we lived in our parents home, being fed, kept warm, dressed and looked after in general. Over are the times everything was taken care of for us. When we grow up and head out into this big world we have to look after ourselves. And of course that brings along pressure, worries, tasks, deadlines and maybe fear too.

And still I wonder if there is no way back to living a carefree life?


Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Carefree

24 thoughts on “Carefree

  1. They say with responsibilities comes power. But yeah bp , stress, dark circles fatigue also comes along haha.. I just love kids life.. As u said absolutely carefree.. I wish we remain like that

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  2. I so year for a carefree childhood and innocence. My heart aches when I see innocent children and it reminds me of what I have lost. Throughout life it’s a process of mourning and grieving for lost childhood.


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