9 thoughts on “About The Chance To Re-Write…

  1. Sandra, it is so refreshing to see a post like this. I honor you for publicly standing in the vulnerability and compassion and courage of re-writing your position. It seems we live in a world that is more likely to adamantly defend our prior positioning (even if we no no longer completely agree with ourselves) than humble ourselves to speak up when we are looking from a different place. So thank you for bravely giving all of us the chance to change our minds … to being open to seeing perspectives beyond our first thoughts/reactions.

    As you were speaking of the homeless man’s lack of understanding cultural norms and social aptitudes, I found myself wondering if it was exactly that deficit in his capacity to ‘fit’ and find a place of acceptance in our world that led him to being homeless in the first place. As a counselor, I see many people struggling with life because they lack the social skills that keep them connected comfortably to others. Perhaps he has struggled with how to engage in relationship with other people his whole life?

    Anyway, as you suggest, we never know what circumstances people are living with …or …in … externally or internally. Once again, I applaud your humility and grace. I’m searching my own soul for places where I need to re-write my understanding of things. Warmest regards, Karen

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