Your Stories – A Love That Covers 970 Miles! By Celia Alexandra

Isn’t it amazing to hear how couples met? What made them fall in love with each other? Celia Alexandra was happy to share her beautiful story with me to post it on my blog. Thank you so very much and I wish you two all the best for your future 🙂

If you have a beautiful relationship and would like to share your story, feel free to email me ( and I will share it on my blog and link back to yours. I hope you will enjoy what you are about to read as much as I did.


It was the summer of 2012, I was working at a summer camp in Pennsylvania and so was he.  Our paths only crossed but a few times, and we had a few very short conversations in passing.  Every staff member and camper thought he was cute, myself included.  If you would have told me that in just a year from then, James would be chasing after me, I would have never believed you. I left that summer and forgot about James, until March, when he wrote on my Facebook wall for my birthday. I responded, to him which started a completely random conversation that would never end.  We began talking for the few months until I went back to PA to work at the same summer camp that I did the summer before.  Little did I know that the summer of 2013 would change my life.

James and I were both working in the kitchen together, and this year we were actually friends.  Our friendship quickly turned into something more.  We spent all day working together, and every day off that I had was spent with him. (I had one day during the week off and Saturday nights.)  We were either exploring farmers markets, driving on the back roads, going for walks, getting ice-cream, hanging out at his house watching movies, or laying under the stars on the top of the hill.  We had the summer romance, but I had no idea what it would turn into.


Since we were both on staff, we were not “allowed to begin a relationship,” but that did not stop us from pursuing whatever spark we had together.  After a few times of us hanging out, he finally kissed me. From here on out, we knew that what we had was more than a summer fling.  We began to think more about what this could turn into. We started acting more like a couple after that night I think, but we had to keep it on the DL or else we would be fired.  (We were called into our boss’s office a few times because she was suspicious…we played it off as nothing though.  I’m telling you…a movie could be made of this, it’s very comedic.  We even had to hide from someone in the bushes one night.)

Camp was coming to a close, and it was time for me to go back to my home in South Florida.  I had just graduated from high school in May, and was attending college in Boston.  James was in school in PA… how was this going to work?

We talked about starting a relationship, but we had no idea how we were going to do it. There were many conversations that we had where he assured me that he would do everything he could to make it work.  I knew that I was something that he did not want to lose.  I was skeptical because I was about to start my freshman year in college…what if I met someone there?  I thought about it, and wondered why I would give-up on someone that was so great and made me so happy for something or someone that I didn’t even know?  We decided to be together and figure everything out as we went.  Neither of us knew how to do this properly, but in my opinion, we have it down.  I would have never guessed that over three years later, we would still be together.   Long distance is not ideal, most of your time is spent wishing the other was there, but it forces the relationship to be stronger.  We had to develop trust and communication much faster than normal relationships. James and I are currently still dating from different states with miles and miles between us, but you would never know it.

In my blog, I go in greater detail about our story.  Each blog post is a new chapter that tells the story of how we have stayed together and the various things we have done together.  We plan trips to see each other about every month.  (Spoiler alert: there is currently an end in sight to the distance!) I hope you check it out!  I would love to hear from you.


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