Treat Yourself Nicely

Yesterday Danny (Dream Big, Dream Often) posed a really interesting question: “If You had a friend you spoke to the same way you speak to yourself, how long do you think that person would allow you to be their friend?”

The question is not letting me go.

It actually leads me to a shocking discovery: We treat ourselves so much worse than any other person. We are so harsh on ourselves. And I wonder why.

Why is it that we are ourselves biggest critics? Why is it that we judge our actions so harshly instead of giving us the same slack we would give a friend of ours?

I know that we all want to improve. I know that we want to be the best we can be. And it’s for sure good that we push ourselves. It’s good that we do not accept everything. But then we also need to be kind to ourselves. And often it’s not the case.

So I wonder: How can we be the best role model to our kids if we think we deserve such harsh thoughts? How can we be a good example if we think we are not enough?

Time to be nicer with ourselves. Time to treat us with the same respect we treat our friends and the people we love. Time to treat us with the same respect we want to be treated by our friends. Because I think that’s a funny thing too: We actually expect respect from others but we do not speak to ourselves with the respect we want them to speak to us. Interesting, right?

You, know, Danny’s “Question of the day” feature always makes me think and if you have not checked it out, you should truly head to his blog every day and answer his question. Sometimes it’s an easy one, like what’s your favorite meal. But sometimes it’s a question that goes deeper. Like this one in my case.

It’s good to think about the way we treat ourselves on a regular base. I think we need to respect ourselves, love ourselves and stick to our values.

I usually don’t say much to the quotes I post. at the end of longer post. In this case though I have to let you know how much it made me laugh. It’s exactly what I need to do:


31 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Nicely

  1. Absolutely. In coaching I say precisely this and ask my clients to be their own best friend. Also “we cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought”. Think about that too. thoughts create feelings and we alone are responsible for how we feel. …. And we take that responsibility by being mindful of our thoughts! Liberating isn’t it😊

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  2. I think we are our own worst critic because we ourselves know what we are capable of accomplishing and therefore anything less than our best is criticised. But I think I would still be friends with me πŸ™‚

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  3. Hi A Momma’s View
    I loved your post. You mean other people have a negative committee that meets inside their heads too? LOL.
    Thanks for bringing it to Inspire Me Monday last week.
    Janice, your hostess

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