You Wanted To Know

A little while ago I gave you the option to ask any question you’d like to ask me and some of you took that chance. So here are my answers to your questions.

You wanted to know:

“What’s a usual day or two or week in your life? I’m curious how you find time to write, walk, workout, spend time with your kids and sometimes in there earn money. I hope this is not too nose-y but what I’m really wondering, I guess, is how you and your spouse do all those things together as a team and as a family?” – My Self Evident Truths

A usual day looks almost boring. I mentioned before that I’m a SAHM and that my husband works from home. When I wake up I usually read what I’m interested in in the news (on my phone). Then I head over to my WordPress App and read a couple of blogs, answer some comments. Then I take the dogs out for a short walk, come back and make breakfast. Then I take care of the laundry that has been washed over night, quickly dust the floor and while the kids do school with my hubby I write. Somehow I have a system that works pretty well. By the time the kids are done we head out for a longer walk (sometimes I do that too while they do school). While they are at their activities I check my blog again, read, post, comment or just sit there, watch them and think about something I want to write about. As my workouts are very short (longest ones are 20min including warm up and cool down), I can squeeze them in whenever I feel like it.

Then there are the days I do my freelance work. They are a bit more complicated especially when deadlines are involved. But I strongly believe that everything is about time management. Blogging for me is a past time, a hobby, something I can relax with and treat it like that. Almost like reading a book. Using the app on the phone definitely helps. I can read and comment or answer on comments while on the train. I can write or at least structure a post while in the train.

“Years ago, I made an inspiration board – it worked! But I probably need to make a new one – Do you have an inspiration board and do you work off a calendar for your blog?” – Camellia’s Cottage

I have never created an inspiration board. Although maybe we have… It’s more a board with pictures of our favorite place on it and when we are stuck we just look at it and know that we want to end up there. So maybe it is an inspiration board… I heard a lot about it. Those inspiration boards were much more than just a couple of nice pictures on a pin-board. There were quotes, pics, articles and so much more on it. Maybe I should create one. It might be a good reminder to keep going…

As to your question in regards to a blogging calendar: No, I do not. The only post that is strictly tight to a day is My Picks Of The Week. Other than that I write the post I want to write and put it up. Sometimes I schedule in order to get a regular flow and not have days with 20 posts followed by 2 days without any. But it’s not scheduled in a calendar kind of way.

“Although my question is of a general nature, it makes me curious nonetheless, what makes for a good blog or rather what is your definition of a good blog?” – Domestic Diva

I like that question. For me a good blog is a blog I feel comfortable visiting. It starts with the way it looks but then for sure is mainly about the content. I believe that a blog needs a message but not a niche, if that makes sense? I like when a blogger writes from the heart and you can feel it when you read the text. It’s when I feel captured by the words. A good post, a good blog is somehow like a good meal. It warms you up. It triggers a reaction. A good post usually makes me think about the message for quite a while and often inspires me for a post.

What I think makes a good blog is a blogger who reacts to comments. It’s the networking, the connecting, the inspiring each other and giving feedback. I think there’s nothing nicer than seeing a blogger show up to check out your blog after you have visited the blog for the first time. Even if they do not come back. I don’t expect anyone to come and read my posts or follow my blog just because I follow theirs. I believe you need to like what you read in order to follow. I can like the content of a blog and at the same time that blogger might not like mine. So there’s no obligation. I rather have an honest follow because my follow is honest too.

“I know, that you are an ‘expat’ too, I wonder what made you decide to do so?” – IreneDesign2011

I guess there’s one short answer to your question: Opportunity.

We had the opportunity to move to a country we always liked the few times we visited. The time was right and we were ready for a big change. Sometimes you just know that it’s right and will be good for you and then you need to make this leap of faith. Maybe it would have been slightly harder if we would have moved temporary. When we moved though we moved with the idea that it will be for good.

Having said that, we were not sure if we would be able to stay in Australia for good. Immigration laws are pretty strict. So it was a leap into the unknown and it worked out.


Speaking of leaps of faith: Have you done a big leap in your life? And if so, would you tell me about it?





19 thoughts on “You Wanted To Know

  1. Thanks for answering my question and satiating my curiosity. I’d forgotten how scheduling one’s day around children’s activities can make it easier to schedule one’s own in-between, providing a structure for getting through the day. Too much flexibility in this respect can be daunting!
    I took a big leap of faith when I moved from Huntington Beach, California, to Brentwood, Tennessee. The results of that particular leap were more negative than positive for me personally, as described here
    The next leap of faith involved moving 175 miles east of Brentwood to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Initial results were up and down but have “flattened out” to be a major improvement in my quality on life on a higher plane than I’d ever anticipated!


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