Swans – Did You Know…

There’s a little lake in the town I grew up in and there always was a pair of swans. One winter one of the swans got killed by a local. It was something that shocked everyone. 

His excuse was that he thought the swan was trapped in the frozen X water so instead of trying to free him he simply killed the beautiful animal. Soon after the swans partner was found dead too. She was not killed but died of a natural cause. It seemed obvious to everyone that the swan passed away from broken heart.

After that there were no more swans living on our lake…

9 thoughts on “Swans – Did You Know…

  1. I knew that. This situation inspires me to comment with what I wanted to say on your Blast From the Past post about not having a life after kids. I think you still have a life but your identity changes, at least mine did, and for all the time mine were growing up it was more important for me be their mom than to be what I was before. Another view on this issue of identity relates to my mom who, since my dad has passed, has continued to say that she wants to go, too, that she is not enjoying her life without him. It would be wasting my breath to argue this point with her, but I feel that anyone who only recently met her would not think that anything was missing from her life without him. That’s probably because she has a boyfriend who has filled the hole that Dad’s passing left though I must say that mainly applies to keeping her busy and fulfilled on the weekends. Her friends and other activities keep her busy and out of trouble during the week. Bottom line is that I guess many of us base our lives and identities on how and what we do with others.


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