Earth Overshoot Day

It’s done. We have reached it. As of today, we humans have used as much from nature in 2016 as our planet can renew in a whole year. Nothing will seem to change for many of us between today and tomorrow, but collectively we are draining Earth’s capacity to provide. Overshoot Day is a red light warning of trouble ahead — and it is flashing five days earlier than it did last year (Aug. 13); eleven days earlier than the year before (Aug.19).

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8 thoughts on “Earth Overshoot Day

  1. Environmentalists have been trying to work on this problem for years. But no one listens. Let’s start taking care of the planet we’re stuck on, and let’s start *now*, before it’s too late. Because it will be too late—very, very soon, I’m afraid.

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    • This is one thing that makes me angry: This ignorance of entire governments! So may little changes we can do which will have a big impact and so many big ones that can be done but need a bit of an effort by the governments and some sacrifices in regards to their bank accounts but are totally doable and will have a big impact!

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      • I agree. And, in fact, activism on this subject will be a major focus of ftlofacts. I cannot stand by as an American citizen and watch my country continue to ravage this planet. This next election will tell the tale of what must be done and what lengths must be taken—and I hope others besides myself will rise to the challenge of turning this environmental crisis around.

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