13 thoughts on “Gadsby – Did You Know…

  1. I’m guessing he had to choose his words very carefully and avoid he/she/they/them pronouns. *thinks about it* He must have abused the character’s names like crazy…Or maybe it was mostly dialogue? Maybe all in present tense to avoid -ed verbs?

    😦 <- This is me getting a headache just thinking about writing a story like that. It would be an interesting challenge, but yeah 😦 *headache emoji*

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  2. I wrote a post last year (mind you it was a short post, not 50,000 words) without the letter e. I called “An Odd Post”. Since then, I’ve seen a challenge where you have write your posts without certain letters of the alphabet. Kinda like the A-Z challenge except you omit that letter instead of writing about something that begins with that letter.


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