The Olympics are Phelps-d Again

Every now and then there are athletes that inspire me with their performance. Michael Phelps is one of them.

What an incredible success story and what a fantastic effort! Matching my thoughts today in regards to keep swimming, to keep your head down and keep going whenever you need to.

2000 – 2016, from a 15 year old in Sydney to now. A story of growth, consistency and focus. 21 Olympic Gold Medals. I bet there were not only ups in his careers. There were many sacrifices, a lot of sweat going into this success story.

I believe that you can get a lot of inspiration from athletes. Their sport is like life on a smaller scale. What they do is comparable to what everyone of us is doing in life. Tennis player have to hit the ball back when it comes shooting at them. They need to deal with defeats and injuries. If they keep going and not give up, they will be back on track. I guess it’s the same with swimmers too.

Use it as an inspiration. Watch them, study them, take on board what they dealt with and use it to get you through obstacles in your life.


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