Swim In Your River

Just before we moved to Australia we went white water rafting in France. It was a fantastic experience but what I actually liked more than that was the Hydrospeed we did the next day. Other than with the rafting itself you are not in a boat but you are actually in the water, equipped with fins and a little board. You experience the river in such a different way. You feel how it pulls you, you float you speed up, you slow down, you steer. You realize that although the water pulls you along you are still in charge. You decide on the direction. You can even slightly influence the speed. You take a break when you feel like it, on one of the big boulders on the side. It is such a beautiful feeling.

This experience actually fed into something I started believing in around that time. Your life is like a river.

There are the quiet, easy going parts and then you come around a corner and get surprised by fast currents and whirlpools, maybe even a steep waterfall. There is nothing you can do to avoid it. All you can do is hang on, trying to keep your head above the water and recover when it gets more pleasant again.

The journey in our river can be exhausting at times, especially when you have to work hard to stay afloat. But you will be handled smoother rides too. The ones you can enjoy and when you can find energy again.

This is of course, if you stick to your river and the direction you are supposed to go. Sometimes people get focused on the wrong direction. They start going against their direction, swimming against the current of the river they are in. They try hard to get to a side they are not supposed to go, constantly being pulled into the other direction, again losing energy fighting it.

Take your time out to figure out where your river is pulling you, figure out in which direction you feel most comfortable swimming to and then go for it. Take the long strikes, to push you forward if you like, while the water is smooth. Float in the rapids and let it carry you along. Keep your head up in the waves and whirlpool making sure you see the point to get out of them and then let the water carry you along again.

14 thoughts on “Swim In Your River

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