The ULTIMATE Blogging Challenge. (surprise!)

Are you up for a cool blogging challenge? I am for sure!

A Little Daydreamer


Damn Caitlin, back at it again with the blogging challenges. Yes. Yes I am.

I’ve messed up with so many projects/challenges, not stayed active on here (I won’t go into details why, just that I had not been feeling like myself) but now, here I am, introducing another challenge.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a long time, you will know about the”Daydreamer Challenge” that I did around a year ago. Well this is going to be very similar, except more simple.

This is for anyone, of any age, using any blogging platform to enjoy and join in with. There is no “sign up”, all I ask is that you tag your post using the hashtag #ourbloggingchallenge (cringy I know.) This is so I can keep up with and read your posts! 🙂

Every other day, starting tomorrow, I’m going to be posting a ‘topic’…

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