Just Like Titanic

We all know the tragic story of Titanic latest since Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had to take the ice bath. Although there were mistakes made by the crew of the Titanic the issue was what was invisible to the human eye. That part of the iceberg that was hiding below the surface.

In a way people are like icebergs. So much lies beneath the surface. So much is not visible and so much can have an impact unexpectedly. We are all great it making appearances, we all wear our masks and we all hide parts of ourselves under the surface.

I wonder if we ever reveal of of what is behind the mask, all of what lies under the surface or if we keep things hidden? How much of it is survival instinct, how much is built up over time, as a reaction of being hurt, used, left behind? I wonder if we can actually grasp what truly is there or if some of the things that suddenly appear are a surprise to us as well. Do we know ourselves truly well enough?

Do we live with things we have not discovered yet and that might surface only over time? Probably…

How can we know ourselves if we often struggle to discover or accept our true calling, the why of our existence? Life is all about growing and evolving and so I believe that we might suddenly discover sides to ourselves that we have not known before. Sides that surface suddenly.

Life is truly about discovering new things. Even if it is something new about ourselves…

24 thoughts on “Just Like Titanic

  1. Everyone has a facade and depending on who you are and the circumstances of your life, you many have many or few that have ever seen beyond the mask.

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  2. There is definitely much beneath the surface…some of us don’t bother revealing much, because A) others aren’t interested in learning about us (or only pretend to be), or B) we get criticized for being ourselves (appearance, musical taste, sense of humour, food consumption, etc.)

    People aren’t really willing to get to know other people as much as they claim to, in my experience.

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