My Picks Of The Week #33

You have no clue how fast this last week has past. Over the last couple of weeks I was working on an event and tomorrow it will finally happen. It’s the peek of “the mountain”, the moment you work so hard for and the day that makes you the most nervous. Right now I’m at this crossroad of thinking everything is under control, knowing that there are some things still to be done (and “open”) and slightly freaking out, worrying about having forgotten something important. But you know what: I’m already very proud of what I have achieved and how the team suddenly started to come together.

As last week has been especially crazy, I did not get to read as many posts as I would have liked to. I hope you enjoy the ones I share with you today.

Have a very happy weekend you all 🙂

About a potentially really scary future…

Bare Naked In Public
About choice…

Dream Big, Dream Often
About the power of “why”… and that scorpion on your back…

Talking Of Incest
About what they might think…

A Little Daydreamer
About a cool blogging challenge (that I really want to participate in but did not find the time this week to do so…)…

Making Time For Me
About something special…

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