The Ultimate Blogging Challenge

I’m finally getting around to joining in on this challenge and I’m really excited about it. As I have missed Day 1 and 2 I thought I might just combine them into a post for Day 3 hoping that it’s okay for you, Caitlin?

Soon it will be a year ago since I created this blog and put up my very first post. It was always my goal to share my thoughts in a general way and to make clear that they’re my point of view, my opinion and not something I want you to think, believe or do. Over the weeks before starting the blog I was thinking about what niche I would fit in and never managed to really find one that clearly suited me. After all, there is a lot to cover.

Although we all evolve over time I think this post here still describes very well who I am and why I started my blog, to cover the first Day of this challenge. Soon I will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of “A Momma’s View” and almost 2’000 posts, over 2’000 followers and almost 134’000 views into my blogging journey I have to say I’m proud of myself. I managed to post on a daily base and for some reason engage my readers and connect with them through the comments. Which is one of the things that make me happy. There are days where I truly ask myself why you guys actually read my posts… πŸ˜‰

That actually brings me to the things that make me happy, the things I enjoy the most in my life. There is of course my family and doing things with them. I tried to sum it up in the pics above. Hikes, Traveling, watching sunsets together, the outdoors, the beach and a beautiful cozy evening at home. Then there is writing this blog. It gives me something.

Oh, and wine of course. A glass of wine and socializing makes me happy too… After all they say one glass of wine per day is healthy, right?





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